July 31, 2021

“Inapplicable”, “indemitable” … The questions raised by the health pass in shops, transport and restaurants

Cheaper, but still as inapplicable according to them: catering professionals were not much more advanced, Monday, July 19 in the evening, after the presentation of the bill extending the health pass to their establishments. No more than those of shopping centers, who were ironic about a measure with uncertain contours, or the leaders of the SNCF, not even mentioned by Gabriel Attal, government spokesman, during his press conference.

Cafetiers and restaurateurs are now fixed on the consequences of non-compliance with the health pass in their establishments: they will be targeted by a fifth category fine, ie 7,500 euros for a legal person. After discussion with the Council of State, the government gave up making this offense a crime, which would have earned the owners of the establishment a maximum of one year and imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros. This will be the case for the third offense. “ It still goes way too far “, judge Roland Héguy, president of the UMIH (Union of hotel trades and industries).

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The main demands of employers’ organizations remain the same: restrict the health pass inside establishments, refrain from checking the identity of customers and postpone for several weeks the vaccination obligation for their employees, set for August 30. On these points, “There is no relaxation”, notes Roland Héguy.

“There is a lot of tension on the part of our members when it comes to controlling customers, he reports. The applications to verify the health pass, it works well, but then check the identity card, it is not possible. Our job is conviviality, we cannot go in this direction. Regarding the terraces, just look at the beach establishments, where young people enjoy their drinks to understand that this will be difficult to apply. “

“Not organized for that”

Since Emmanuel Macron’s speech a week ago, the local press has echoed a handful of cafetiers and restaurateurs announcing their intention not to control their customers. “Depending on the type of establishment and clientele, each will be more or less affected, notes Paul Duverger, restaurateur in Sallanches (Haute-Savoie) and deputy chairman of the National Group of Independents (GNI). I do not see how the owner of a small wine bar, alone behind his counter, or a large beach establishment will manage. We are not structures organized for that. A mall has vigils and streams spread out. With us, people arrive at the same time and eat in an hour. “

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