Shipping on Lake Walen and Lake Hallwil – great excursions on Swiss lakes

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When the days get shorter and the forests become more colorful from day to day, it becomes quieter on the Swiss lakes and rivers. Some shipping companies completely shut down operations in winter, others reduce to those liner routes that take on the function of a basic development and are accordingly in operation all year round. Still others have special trips on offer in autumn and winter. For all those who don’t want to miss the change of perspective even in the cooler season, I have researched two seasonal excursion ideas; off to the Walensee and Hallwilersee.

An autumn day at the Walensee

The area around Lake Walen is one of my favorite regions for someone from Zurich easily and quickly accessible autumn excursion. We have already presented one or the other beautiful (and fog-free) autumn hike in this region here on the blog. And this excursion tip also starts with an entertaining walk suitable for pushchairs. After all, we want to have earned the relaxation on the Walensee properly.

For this we take the S-Bahn from Zurich to Näfels-Mollis in Linthal. This is where the Themed hiking trail “the Linthwerk”, which leads along the Linth Escherkanal to Camping Gäsi and from there on along the shore of Lake Walen to Weesen. Numerous information boards along the way convey the history of the almost 200-year-old Linth Canal and the associated structures and their significance for industrialization in a clearly understandable way. With the renovation completed in 2013, sections of the canal were renatured. With a bit of luck, you might even spot beavers from the hiking trail.

Why is this tour particularly worthwhile in autumn? Because the splendor of colors of the protected mixed deciduous forest Gäsi-Rieterwald offers the perfect “Indian Summer” photo motifs. The only disadvantage: Those who start the tour early in the morning will not be rewarded with warming sun rays on this side of the valley.

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Shipping on Lake Walen and Lake Hallwil – great excursions on Swiss lakes

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