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In Athens, all history lovers will reach nirvana in front of the ancient wonders of the Greek capital, while sunbathing aficionados will be seduced by the white sandy beaches. A destination that knows how to win the hearts of everyone, and this in all seasons. Head for the cradle of our civilization!

The Eldorado for history buffs

If you love visits to historical monuments and other museums of all kinds, Athens is the place to be. the place to be ! And for good reason, the city offers its visitors many of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world. Among the places that you must not miss, we obviously find the Acropolis and the Parthenon, immense vestiges of Greek Antiquity perched on a hill overlooking the capital. Back in time guaranteed for all travelers who stroll between the impressive walls of the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena! Remember to book and get there as early as possible to avoid the endless queues.

Direction the Roman Agora and the Tower of the Winds then, to rub shoulders with the illustrious Plato and Socrates. This remarkably well-preserved historic site bears witness to the creation of democracy. Indeed, politics, finance and commerce mingled with the Roman Agora. Continue your walk through the Olympieion, a temple erected in honor of the great Zeus, which dates from the 5th century BC. Do not miss the countless museums that make up the capital: National Archaeological Museum, Acropolis Museum, Museum of Cycladic art… A true paradise for archeology enthusiasts!

Paradise beaches

Athens is not just this incredible cultural and historical heritage. It is also postcard landscapes, with beaches stretching as far as the eye can see at the edge of a turquoise sea. Athens beaches are a must see, to allow yourself a swim between two visits. The most beautiful in the region are located in Voula, Vouliagméni and Varkiza. While some are relatively close, others require taking the bus or car to get there. If you want to avoid the endless influx of tourists in high season, it’s best to get away as far as possible and go outside of the busiest hours. Our favorite: Kakia cove, north-east of Athens. Wild, the beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and promises a little privacy by welcoming you between its rocks.

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Prepare your trip

In order not to overpay, it is strongly recommended that you plan your trip months in advance and avoid peak season. The months of June and September are therefore ideal for traveling at low prices. If you want to book your stay and benefit from attractive rates, go to the website Know that Greece is a very affordable destination, and that you eat in restaurants for only 10 euros. The cost of living, the historical heritage and the idyllic beaches therefore make Athens one of the most popular destinations in Europe and in the world.


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The beaches of Athens, a stone’s throw from ancient monuments to discover – Travel Me Happy – Travel blog

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