‘Loki’ And 10 Other Disney + Announced Release Dates That Must Be On Your Radar

The sequel to ‘Monstruos SA’, ‘Monsters at Work’, the animated Star Wars series ‘The Bad Remittance’ and other outstanding titles that arrive on the platform in the coming months.

Barrage of release dates on Disney +. The streaming platform of the gigantic company has just shared your calendar for the next few months And the truth is that it is full of juicy releases. The most outstanding premiere is that of Loki, the series starring Tom Hiddleston again in the skin of the Norse god and third Marvel title for Disney + after Scarlet Witch and Vision -currently in issue- and Falcon and the Winter Soldier -which will be released on March 19-. But he’s not the only one. We also know the dates of the new series of the franchise Star Wars, The Bad Consignment; from the animated sequel series SA monsters., Monsters At Work; and another long list of new titles.

The announcement of Disney + has taken place during the winter tour of the Association of Press Critics of the United States, which has had the participation of Kevin Feige himself. The head of Marvel Studios has taken advantage of his meeting with the press to answer some questions about the future plans of the television titles of La Casa de las Ideas on the streaming platform and their importance within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while that the event has also been the scene of the announcement of several renovations – that of High School Musical. The Musical: The Series and Animation, Disney + original series that will have a second season-.

Take note below of the fyou cast Disney + premieres in Spain that you definitely have to have on your radar:


  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier

One of the most anticipated releases and that, although we already knew it, is worth remembering. Starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in their roles in the MCU, the new fiction will pick up the Captain America shield and present us with an action-packed story, but also deeply funny and entertaining.

Premiere: March, 19

Sequel series to the 1992 film, the fiction takes us to present-day Minnesota to introduce us to some new Mighty Ducks, now converted into an ultra-competitive and very powerful youth hockey team. Evan Morrow (Brady Noon), a 12-year-old boy who has been separated from the team, teams up with his mother, Alex (Lauren Graham) to start his own team of outcasts and stand up to them … And for this they have the return by Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez).

Premiere: March 26th


John Stamos embodies in this new series a basketball coach who has been expelled from the NCAA for misbehavior. Now, Korn has to coach a team of girls in their teens.

Premiere: April 16th


This new animated series in the Star Wars franchise stars the experimental and elite clones of the Bad Batch, which we met in The Clone Wars. Discarded for the elite, this unexpected squad possess exceptional ability that makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers.

Special Premiere on May 4, coinciding with World Star Wars Day. The next episode will arrive on Friday, May 7, and the remaining episodes will premiere every Friday.

Premiere: may 14


Back in Loki’s shoes, Tom Hiddleston stars in the new Disney + Marvel series, this time more focused on the skin of Thor’s brother after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Premiere: 11th of June

Premiere: 11th of June

Premiere: 11th of June


Animated fictional sequel to Monsters Inc. that brings back the hilarious monster couple, Sully and Mike Wazowsky, on a new adventure in the city of Monstropolis. In it, we are introduced to a new monster, which will be a key piece in the new title.

Premiere: July 2nd

Premiere: July 16th

Premiere: July 23th

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‘Loki’ And 10 Other Disney + Announced Release Dates That Must Be On Your Radar