Among young women, a new bra-fed upset

“Cover this breast that I cannot see” takes offense at the hypocrite Tartuffe, handing Dorine a handkerchief. The housekeeper replies: “You are therefore very tender to temptation”. Visionary, the Tartuffe of Molière! Three hundred and fifty years later, the young women have sided with Dorine. The chest frees itself from the gaze and sends waltzes the moral judgments of each other. In the wake of the feminists of the 1960s who had made the bra the symbol of oppression, some show themselves more as they are, their breasts free from the shelves.

Gala Avanzi, 31, gave up underwire and suspenders five years ago when she discovered a YouTube video about the “no bra” movement. As with many, its main argument was comfort. The militant speech came later. “In fact, it hurt, and I had never questioned this pain, she says. I did not suffer from the gaze of others, but mine was shaped by a certain portrayal of women in advertising. I had to get used to my new figure, with smaller breasts that made me complex. ” For the followers of “no bra”, it is a question of killing two birds with one stone: freeing themselves from diktats and working towards better self-acceptance.

The author of the book No Bra (Flammarion, 220 pages, 17.90 euros) and founder of the Instagram account @sorcieretamere – nearly 80,000 subscribers – denounces since the injustices suffered by women: “You would have to fit into a box, have perfect breasts, uniform, round, well lifted, neither too big nor too small … The bra makes them socially acceptable, erases the nipples and imperfections: removing it allows you to get out of all of them. these injunctions. “

« Body positive »

The movement is now meeting a growing echo thanks to social networks, especially on Instagram, through a multitude of feminist accounts advocating the « body positive », where the bodies show off and assume themselves naturally. Hair, cellulite and stretch marks coexist with breasts of all shapes, sizes and colors. The “no bra” is not accessory, according to its supporters: in addition to representing a gain in comfort and money, it enriches other struggles, helps to denounce sexism, the hypersexualization of women, and even the “rape culture”.

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It is since the first confinement, in March 2020, that the thing has gained momentum among the young generation, in line with “no make-up” (“no makeup”), “no poo” ( “No shampoo”) and other “no shave” (“no shaving or waxing”). The French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) carried out a investigation with more than 3,000 Internet users, on behalf of a virtual sex company. Result: one in six young women under 25 (18%) never wears a bra, a proportion four times higher than that measured before confinement (4%). All women aged 18 and over, for their part, fell only from 3% to 7%.

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Among young women, a new bra-fed upset

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