António Pires de Lima announces departure from CDS-PP

The historical activist of the CDS-PP, António Pires de Lima, announced this Saturday, in an interview with SIC Notícias, the disaffiliation of the party.

“I do it with great sadness. I have no inner conditions to continue being a militant after what has happened,” he said.

António Pires de Lima considers that the “party hit bottom” and that is “end of the line”.

“As of tomorrow, I will no longer be a member of the CDS,” he added.

I’ve been voting for CDS since I was 18 years old, but what happened in the last 48 hours has consequences,” he said.

At 59 years old, the former Minister of Economy leaves the party of which he was vice-president between 2004 and 2005, having been the right-hand man of Paulo Portas.

“What the president (Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos) has done in the last 48 hours is the biggest disqualification of CDS militants“, Pires de Lima told SIC Notícias.

The departure of Pires de Lima is announced hours after the former secretary of state, Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, also revealed that he would go leave the party.

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes announced the disaffiliation of the CDS, after 25 years of militancy in the party. In a post on Facebook, he says that the party he joined has ceased to exist.

Mesquita Nunes justifies the decision in the conviction that the party is structurally different from the party in which he joined and which served as leader.

After the disaffiliation of Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, there were demonstrations of displeasure at the party’s situation.

The decisions come after the National Council of Christian Democrats approved the postponement of the congress until after the legislative ones.


No Facebook, Manuel Castelo Branco showed up in solidarity with Adolfo Mesquita Nunes and also announced the output from the CDS.

“The CDS of the last few days was similar to Sporting by Bruno Carvalho, with Huge breaches of legality and common sense“, he wrote.

On Facebook, he also added:

“This week, after more than 10 years of leadership and 15 years of membership., I assume my orphanhood to the project and I will present my application for disaffiliation from this organization”.


A former member of the CDS-PP Inês Teotónio Pereira and former centrist national leader João Maria Condeixa announced their disaffiliation from the party, arguing no longer recognize political training what they believed in and joined for decades.

“All those who voted in this direction should today apologize to the CDS militants and their supporters for the humiliation they have subjected the party to. At least those who have a modicum of decency. The CDS is not the same party it has always been – it’s more close to the PCTP-MRPP – and I don’t belong there. Therefore, and at the end of decades of militancy, I parade today with great sadness”, justified Inês Teotónio Pereira, in a post on the social network Facebook.

Inês Teotónio Pereira was Member of the CDS-PP in the XII Legislature, out of the June 2011 legislative elections, which gave victory to the PSD, which came to form a government with the CDS-PP, then led by Paulo Portas.

Also the former centrist leader João Maria Condeixa announced his disaffiliation from the party, in which militated for 24 years, revealing that the decision he takes is not “circumstantial, although the most recent events and the tribalism experienced within the CDS have precipitated it”.

“I believed in a party, pluralist and open, where customs didn’t have to be just the usual ones. I believed in such a party that was capable of freeing Man from the State and building the State in function of Man and not Man in function of the State. That party did not come. worse, it was postponed“, he argued, in the disaffiliation letter he shared on the social network Facebook.

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António Pires de Lima announces departure from CDS-PP

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