Bergell Alpine Path: Albigna – Pass Casnil Sud – Lägh da Cavloc

Note: The following hiking description is an alpine tour (T4) that is not suitable for beginners.

Whether we would do this partial stage of the Sentiero Alpino Bregaglia in the form described here was not yet clear to us when we shouldered our rucksacks in a clear blue sky at the Albigna mountain station last Saturday. To hike from Lake Albignasee to Lägh da Cavloc seemed a tempting idea to me. But this mountain tour leads along a white-blue-white marked mountain hiking trail. And the descriptions that I found online varied from arduous, but technically not difficult block stone terrain to climbing points of difficulty level II.

In short: I wasn’t sure whether this mountain tour might be a bit too daring for me. I am sure-footed and have a head for heights. But I’m also a scaredy rabbit. But it is well known that it wanders best without pressure. And so we started the tour on a wonderful autumn day at the Albigna dam with the openness to take it as it comes. The result: joy about your own performance and four days of extremely sore muscles.

The Sentiero Alpino Bregaglia at a glance

The Bergell is accessible in the longitudinal direction of two main hiking routes. From Maloja he leads Panoramic Path Val Bregaglia 18 kilometers to the paradisiacal Soglio. A great and technically not very demanding hike (T2). The alpine counterpart is the Pathway Alpine Bregaglia (depending on section T3 / T4 / T5), which once connected the three SAC huts in the valley (Capanna di Sciora, Capanna da l’Albigna and Capanna del Forno).

The Sentiero Alpino Bregaglia in the Albigna – Capanna di Sciora section has been closed until further notice since 2017 on the Piz Cengalo in Val Bondasca. The remaining 22 kilometers through challenging high alpine, stony terrain can be completed in the form of a 2-day hike with an overnight stay in the Forno hut. The first stage from Albigna over the Pass da Casnil Sud into the Forno valley is the more demanding section. And it is precisely this stage that we took a closer look at on our one-day tour variation of the Sentiero Alpino Bregaglia.

Starting point of the Albigna dam

In the run-up we had long thought about whether we should tackle the tour from Maloja or from Albigna, as suggested in the route description to the Sentiero Alpina Bregaglia. We weren’t sure in which direction the block section between the Pass da Casnil Sud and the Forno valley would be better / easier to tackle. With our overnight base in Bergell and the fact that I have never seen the wonderful Bergell Granitzacken up close, which attract climbing fans from all over the world, we finally decided to climb from Albigna.

“If we don’t like the path, we just turn around,” is our motto. Here we paid too little attention to the fact that the really tricky and arduous places are only followed after the pass crossing on the descent into the Forno valley. On the other hand, if I had walked in the opposite direction, I would probably have “thrown off the begging” relatively quickly. In this respect, our decision has made a significant contribution to the success of the tour.

We start the tour light-footed, reach the Albignahütte faster than expected and we agree: Sure, let’s just follow the white-blue-white marked path towards the pass.

Ascent to the Albignahütte
Panorama Albignahütte

From the Albignahütte to the Pass da Casnil Sud

We are rapidly gaining altitude. The path is very pleasant to walk up to the nameless lakes at 2,564 meters above sea level and is also available as a path throughout. Now the terrain is slowly changing. The grassy areas are getting less and less. The stone blocks take over. But here, too, the course of the route is mostly clearly visible and, apart from an approx. 35 m long couloir, where I have to use my hands to help, it can be mastered without much scrambling. Only on the last 500 to 750 m before the top of the pass do we reach the extensive block stone terrain.

Ascent Pass da Casnil Sud
Panorama Albignahütte
Albigna Pass from Casnil Sud
Albigna Bergseen

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Bergell Alpine Path: Albigna – Pass Casnil Sud – Lägh da Cavloc

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