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I’m really addicted to gray shrimp (Crangon crangon). I applaud wholeheartedly at the name ‘caviar of the North Sea’. But maybe they are better than caviar? Sturgeon eggs don’t have such a strong taste, you can’t make broth from them either. Of shrimps!

Our shrimp can be found from Norway to the Mediterranean, but it is not worth fishing there. The greatest concentration geirnoaze can be found in the Southern North Sea, and in shallow seas and estuaries, such as the Wash in England and the Wadden in the Netherlands and Germany. But there are also in the Scheldt. Shrimp are now being caught for Bornem, possibly also for Dendermonde! That used to be the case, but the pollution made them disappear. Now they are back. In the river, the seawater moves inland at every tide. It does so in a tongue of salt water that runs under the river water. Salt and sweet mix difficult. That is why (in principle) you can catch river fish at the top in the same river, and plaice, flounder and grub at the bottom. And Dendermonde still had a fish market before the war! They really didn’t just sell carp and roach there. Hence the story that thetomato shrimp‘ is originally an East Flemish recipe.

Good shrimp is freshly caught and hand peeled. To buy North Sea caviar I quickly go to Ostend


Good shrimp is freshly caught and hand peeled. Prepackaged peeled shrimp are not worth buying. To buy North Sea caviar I quickly go to Ostend (shrimp worth the trip). Not far from the station is the Vistrap, where the shrimps are guaranteed to be fresh every day and ‘unpolluted’. The latter means that they were not given a load of preservatives. Ideally you could peel the bugs in the train on the return journey, but I don’t know if there is a seat and if the train conductor tolerates that. Offer him/her a shrimp if necessary. Four hands can shed a few pounds on the Ostend-Brussels South route. The peeled shrimp meat may no longer be cooked. The shells, from which we extract liquid gold, go with it. Back in the kitchen we put them in a pot with a big lump of butter, a sprig of celery and some chopped onion. Spices! Let it simmer for a while and then submerge it in water. Simmer gently for 25 minutes and strain the liquid. Now you have the basis for a delicious shrimp soup or for making dough for croquettes.

Potted shrimp
The meat itself spoils quickly. Hence the obsession with preservatives among industrial distributors. To win a few days, here’s an English recipe, potted shrimp:

Melt 100 grams of butter in a pan for 450 grams of peeled shrimp. Only add the shrimp when the butter has melted. Let them warm in the butter, but do not boil. Too hot and too long will make the shrimp tough. The whole is traditionally seasoned with mace and cayenne pepper. After hot filling into jars, the top is still covered with melted butter to prevent any contact of shrimp with the open air. Keep cool.

From potted shrimps are served in their jar, or taken out (by putting the jar in warm water and then inverting it on the plate). This includes bread or toast, some lemon and possibly watercress. Tasty.

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Caviar from the North Sea – Get, cook and peel the best shrimp yourself – Foodlog

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