Coupe de France live: OM very pro to avoid the trap of Chauvigny fans

OM leaves part of its share of the revenue to Chauvigny

Of the 70,000 euros in revenue, OM keeps 20,000 euros to cover its costs and leaves 50,000 in Chauvigny.


It’s over ! OM won 0-3 against Chauvigny!

The Phoceans have been professional from start to finish. Milik, Under and Harit have converted a flawless domination. Fans of N3 have had no luck, but can be celebrated by their supporters. OM will see him the knockout stages of this Coupe de France.

OM will have been really serious until the end

No conceded opportunity, but above all a possession always accompanied by movements and a desire to find the loophole.

Lots of changes since the goal

We try to follow them: Kamara was replaced by Lirola just after the 0-3, while Amavi, Balerdi and Alvaro took the places of Peres, Caleta-Car and Saliba.

Kingue-Ekedy, Diaby and Plat entered on the Chauvigny side.


Caillaud had left his goal again to hamper a Marseillais along the line. Gerson does not panic and serves Harit back, whose strike is touched with the fingertips by the goalkeeper of Chauvigny but ends in the back.

Kamara projects a lot

Long ball of Guendouzi in the back of the defense to find Kamara, but this one can not control with the tip of the foot.

Guendouzi misses his recovery

Too bad for the midfielder on loan from Arsenal, who has spared no effort and deserves to be rewarded.

Harit takes a little too long to strike

He is finally countered. Enterprising entry from the Moroccan, who may have a blow to play in the second part of the season.

Harit makes his entrance

He replaces Luis Henrique, whose explosiveness we have seen little this evening.

A change also in Chauvigny: Aounallah takes the place of Ramdane.

“Above !”

Sampaoli yells from the sidelines and asks his players to keep moving forward.

It’s been a little less sharp for a few minutes

But OM keep control of the match by circulating the ball. And undoubtedly uses Chauvigny.

The first change of the match is for Chauvigny

Karamba Keita replaces Chevrier.

What an opportunity for Kamara!

Superb movement to put him in a good position, launched in front of goal. The Minot trained at OM cannot find the framework, and even seemed to be looking for Milik. Small excess of altruism on this occasion.

A little tension between Milik and Dole

The referee calls both teams. It is a little difficult to understand what happened, after a new beautiful Marseille collective action pushed into the area by the defense of Chauvigny.

Payet can’t get past the wall on a free kick

The fault seemed to be in an ideal position, but the Reunionese could not find the right height.

OM remain on the same pace

Payet attempted a lob, Milik strikes from afar. It is not dangerous, but the Phocaeans do not relax their grip.

Here we go again !

OM seem to have done the hardest part, but beware: the most important goal is obviously the third! (stay with us)

OM lead 0-2 at the break against Chauvigny!

We will remember the seriousness of the Marseillais, who converted their domination with a spectacular volley from Milik and a goal from Under after a good movement.

Mandanda remains attentive

Attempt at mid-distance from Chauvigny which does not really endanger the OM goalkeeper.


School action: Saliba carries the ball and slams a perfect through pass to Gerson, who waits for the goalkeeper to come out and serves as an Under indent. The Turk scores the 0-2 goal, OM seem to have done the hardest part.

“Who does not jump is not Chauvinese!”

We evoke this song which makes us laugh, but which seems to be sung by only one person in the gallery.

There is a fanfare in the gallery!

This is also the Coupe de France that we love.

OM do not slow down

The goal did not change the face of the match, with a big possession which did not put the Phocaeans to sleep.


Nice overflow and nice cross from Peres, who projected himself, and spectacular aerial recovery from Milik from the left. The ball ends up in the net, and Caillaud too. The Chauvigny goalkeeper could not do anything.


The midfielder on loan from Arsenal arrives thrown on a cross from Under after a corner kick from 2. The small net trembles, but the ball has hit him from the outside.

Gerson can’t adjust his cross

The OM midfielder is surprised by the goalkeeper’s exit. He tries a blocked cross, before being there again on the rebound without finding a teammate.

OM settles in the Chauvigny camp

It’s more complicated for amateurs, who can no longer get out of their 30 meters.

The start of the match is very pleasant

Because OM take this meeting seriously and develop their game, but also because Chauvigny does not have complexes when it comes to taking out the ball. Thanks to both teams for continuing like this.

Luis Henrique also lights a fuse

Well launched on the left by Payet, the Brazilian transplanted on his right foot and struck. It is countered by a defender and it ends next to Caillaud’s goal.


The Pole dribbles twice the goalkeeper who came to meet him at a closed angle. Milik finally decides to shoot from an off-center position and with defenders on the line instead of serving a better-placed teammate. The ball is deflected for a corner.

OM brings the ball to life

There is still a spark missing in the last third, but possession is Marseille.

Under weapon from the outside of the foot

The ball seemed to flee the frame, but Caillaud deflects it with his fingertips anyway. Without damage: the Marseille corner gives nothing.

Chauvigny ignites its audience a little

The players in red are already making their first strikes of the match. It’s not dangerous at the moment, but it helps to set the mood.

We did not talk about the composition of Chauvigny, by the way

We obviously apologize if certain positions are not exact, we will not pretend to follow their group of N3 …

Chauvigny: Caillaud – Unjanqui, Türk, Dole – Ndomba, Ramdane, Lerbet, Chevrier – Ayadi, Zasamba, Biaka.

Caillaud’s first intervention!

The Chauvigny goalkeeper was attentive and appeared at the far post while Payet’s corner had sailed so far.

OM get the first corner of the match

Possession and movement: the Marseillais immediately take this match seriously.

Let’s go !

Kick-off given by Chauvigny!

The two teams enter the lawn of the Limoges stadium

An internship that we have the impression of seeing every year in the 32nd or 16th finals of the Coupe de France, and never the rest of the time.

Mandanda will play his 600th match with OM

We had not seen that in a French club since Claude Puel in Monaco.

The composition of the OM

Mandanda – Saliba, Caleta-Car, Peres – Under, Kamara, Guendouzi, Gerson, Luis Henrique – Payet-Milik.

An original poster

This is the first time in its history that OM will face US Chauvigny (N3).

Sampaoli outlines the winter transfer window

Before this round of 16 in the Coupe de France against Chauvigny, OM coach Jorge Sampaoli spoke about the winter transfer window. The Argentine coach believes in particular that the prospect of the 2022 World Cup will play a role.

OM without Rongier and De la Fuente

Jorge Sampaoli will have to compose without Valentin Rongier, injured, and Konrad de la Fuente, who could be one of the two players in the workforce affected by the Covid-19.

welcome to all

OM are traveling to Vienne this Sunday evening in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. The Marseillais will face the US Chauvigny, residents of National 3, on the lawn of the Parc des Sports de Beaublanc, in Limoges. An event to follow live on RMC Sport.

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Coupe de France live: OM very pro to avoid the trap of Chauvigny fans

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