Cuban authorities beat foreign students at the University of Villa Clara

Cuban authorities beat foreign students at the University of Villa Clara

Cuban authorities beat foreign students at the University of Villa Clara

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The National Revolutionary Police of Cuba on Sunday repressed a group of South African students from the University of Medical Sciences of the province of Villa Clara, according to several users who shared images of what happened on Twitter.

In the videos you can hear several people shouting and asking in English (“take this video”) that what was happening was filmed. Two policemen could even be seen hitting two of the students in the face.

Later, the official local press of Telecubanacán arrived at the scene and did some interviews with students and teachers from the center.

A teacher said that she was present during the altercation between the foreign students and the police, and that the violence was unleashed due to a birthday party in the university building.

“In the early hours of Sunday, they celebrated a birthday without any difficulty that began at 4:00 pm Around 12:00 am they began to throw cans towards the floor below, they raised the music and they began to speak in a very high tone ”, He explained.

According to the teacher, whose name was not disclosed, the youths were apparently under the influence of alcoholic beverages and did not heed the call made by the security and folder personnel to lower the volume of the music.

“It was really a very difficult time, it was not possible to dialogue with the students and we need the reinforcement of the police to put order,” he said. “It was a serious indiscipline, with verbal aggression, gesturing and speaking obscene words to the people who were on guard duty.”

Finally, the teacher explained that a group of between 15 and 20 students participated in the event, and even one of them almost physically assaulted a worker, except for the fact that others got in the way.

“The officers detained four students, they took them to the police unit where we later presented ourselves, and the boys really weren’t there for long. After what had happened is explained to them, they return to the university, “the teacher said, but without referring to the beating that some of the students received by the authorities.

The president of the Federation of University Students, Raúl Omar Rodríguez, also gave statements about what happened.

The young man pointed out that the altercation was due to a serious indiscipline on the part of the students since they were not complying with the established in the regulations of the student residence of the university. He added that during the celebration “the alcohol was risque”, which according to him is typical in students of other nationalities.

“We want to make it clear that our position is to defend the students, but if students commit offenses against those established by law, they must be penalized,” he concluded.

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This story was originally published on November 8, 2021 11:30 am.

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Cuban authorities beat foreign students at the University of Villa Clara

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