How Good Are Flash Supermarkets?

Lightning fast delivery services
How Good Are Flash Supermarkets?

Delivery in ten minutes! Some of the so-called flash supermarkets want to deliver within ten minutes of the order – a promise that is not always kept. Nevertheless, the services can be an interesting alternative, as a test shows.

In a study by the German Institute for Service Quality, food delivery services, so-called flash supermarkets, achieved a very good result nationwide (81.5 points), while in Berlin the providers achieved an overall rating of “good” (73.3 points).

Good news: The prices of goods are not excessively high, but are often comparable to those of a stationary supermarket. However, depending on the product, there are sometimes significant price differences between the providers. An example: Barilla noodles (Fusilli n. 98; 500 grams) cost 1.49 euros with the cheapest delivery service, while the most expensive one requires 2.49 euros. The price structure also differs regionally, that is, the prices vary from city to city.

Often super fast – and yet too late

In the test, the goods ordered arrive at the recipient in good quality in all cases – the drivers are also consistently friendly. But especially in Berlin, the Flash supermarkets cannot always deliver as quickly as promised. Both Flink and Gorillas succeed in delivering a lightning bolt within ten minutes in the capital “only” in one of three cases.

Incidentally, the delivery itself is free from three providers – two delivery services each charge 1.80 euros per order. Markus Hamer, Managing Director of the German Institute for Service Quality, draws his conclusion: “The Flash supermarkets are a convenient and reliable alternative if certain things are missing in the kitchen. However, customers cannot expect the wide range of offers in a grocery store. And it is faster not to do a purchase, even if the delivery promise in the test cannot always be kept exactly. ”

The best flash supermarkets

Goes supraregional Gorillas (Quality rating: “very good”) as the test winner and took second place in Berlin. The delivery time specified in the app when placing the order is usually adhered to in an exemplary manner and all orders are carried out correctly. The entry process into the app is particularly user-friendly and customers have a contact channel with the driver after they have placed their order. Gorillas is also the only provider in the test that does not require a minimum order value.

Message in a bottle (Quality rating: “very good”) secured test victory in Berlin with the best delivery quality. All orders arrive at the recipient within the promised delivery time – the delivery time specified in the app is always adhered to. The quality and condition of the goods delivered also score points. The delivery promise is also kept across the region (second place) with all orders.

Considerable (Quality rating: “good”) takes third place both nationally and in Berlin. The quality and the condition of the ordered goods as well as the shopping bags are convincing and the deliverers are very friendly. Flink also has the most customer-friendly business hours in the comparison of providers.

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How Good Are Flash Supermarkets?

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