Training with a stroller? It is possible!

Training for a young mother can be quite a challenge. However, good organization of the day can mean that you can kill two birds with one stone – take your baby for a walk and do workouts during this time. How is this possible? I already explain everything 🙂 Motherhood forces women to make many changes in everyday life, including testing our ability to organize time. Initially, physical activity drops to the farthest level. Of course, you cannot start training immediately after giving birth, you should take care of your body and give it time to regenerate. However, when you get the go-ahead from your attending physician, it’s worth taking advantage of. Why? Lack of exercise may adversely affect both the mental and physical condition of young mothers. Therefore, training with a wheelchair is gaining more and more popularity. This is a very good solution for women who like physical activity, but do not have an understanding and helpful person who can take care of their baby during training. Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to count on the help of our grandmother, friend, aunt or someone else. A question for you: have you tried running with a pram?

Advantages of training with a stroller

  • quick return to pre-pregnancy form
  • spending time outdoors with your child
  • production of endorphins
  • to start educating your child about the benefits of physical activity
  • awakening love for sport from an early age

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The beginnings

Of course, before you start planning your training, think about the condition of your body. First of all, the type of delivery (caesarean section or natural delivery) should be taken into account. Your body must be properly regenerated. Therefore, if you want to exercise, consult your doctor. Remember that vigorous physical activity is not recommended in the first few weeks after giving birth as it can make it harder for wounds to heal and cause bleeding. Take time to implement planned exercises carefully, even after obtaining approval from your doctor. Listen to your body – it will show you when it is not ready to increase training intensity. Remember also that each of you is different and the subject of the exercises should be approached very individually. Thanks to this approach, the exercises will bring you only benefits. Before starting training, it is also worth remembering about the minimum range of activity, which is worth taking care of every day, talking about upright posture and body postpartum, first exercises for the uterine floor muscles or relaxing the spine. Gradually, you can diversify your start-up after giving birth to training with outdoor walks, which will additionally oxygenate you and your children. Use it as a warm-up for regular training. And as we know – a good warm-up is essential 🙂

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Running is the simplest form of training and is loved by many. Additionally, they can be performed in the company of a trolley. However, the basic condition that you must take into account before starting this type of activity is the stability and readiness of your children. In order to relieve his spine and not subject it to shocks, the child should be able to sit in a stable position on its own. This usually happens around the eighth month, but remember that each baby develops differently at its own pace.

When to run

If all the above-mentioned conditions are met, another question arises. When is it time to train? Personally, I chose the time before or during the nap. Yes, to ensure the comfort of the daughter, who, however, sleeps best and longest in the stroller. However, if I see that she is bored with my jogging or sitting in a stroller, I take her out and do a few exercises in the field. Everything I do I subordinate to my daughter 🙂

Where to run

I usually choose the alleys in the park. The surface must be smooth and the ground level. When Little one falls asleep, I don’t want to wake her up with shocks. If, on the other hand, she is awake, she relaxes with her among the greenery and the singing of birds. The best for jogging with a stroller are the cross-country trails, when you do not have to worry about rushing cyclists, inline skaters and barking dogs. I strongly advise against running on the sidewalk along the street. Noise, exhaust fumes and cars threaten our common safety. And the comfort of running in such conditions is negligible.

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Rules for training with a stroller:

  • Control the pace and distance. Running with a pushchair is more intense and tiring, so be careful not to overtrain.
  • Don’t expect too much of yourself. Gradually get your body used to the effort. It is recommended to start with a 5-minute jog, alternating with 3 minutes of walking.
  • Good equipment is essential! Footwear should be selected for the comfort and safety of mother and child. Good shoes eliminate the possibility of falling and take care of your joints.

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My criteria for choosing a stroller:

  • Wheels – they should be large, especially the rear ones (minimum 16 inches). The steered wheels are easier to maneuver but can be dangerous. Check the brakes, if the front wheel is faulty, it could lead to an accident (they may, for example, step across). ATTENTION! The front wheel should be locked while running.
  • Shock absorbers – to ensure the child’s comfort and reduce shocks, choose a stroller with shock absorbers.
  • Belts – the best are the belts with which you can fasten the child around the waist, between the legs and at the shoulders.
  • The handle – it should be far enough not to kick the stroller while jogging. It’s good if its height is adjustable. Then both mum and dad can run with the stroller, despite the different height and length of the arms in an upright position. The handle should be equipped with a safety lanyard, which ensures additional safety.
  • Brakes – it is important to have easy access to them. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between hand and foot. The most important thing is that they are fast and reliable.
  • Approvals – choose a trolley that is approved and tested for safety.
  • Support – it’s good if you can regulate them. Sometimes the baby may feel like a nap, and sometimes he prefers to see the world and it is worth making it possible for him to do so.
  • Folding – some models can be folded with one hand! I recommend this solution 🙂
  • Peak – choose a stroller with a movable canopy and a small window so that you can see the child. The roof should be large enough to protect the child from rain and sun.
  • Place for the bag – each stroller should have a place for a bag in which you can put water, toys and all the necessary things.

Remember that choosing a pram is very important. Do not let appearance be the first criterion, as some of them only look suitable for running, but do not meet the basic safety requirements. Choose a stroller with a frame with few parts. Too many elements may adversely affect its stability. I recommend long strollers because they improve the comfort of training.

Are you still interested in training with a pram? If so, I am very happy about it. For me, it was salvation 🙂 Don’t forget that taking care of physical activity is important not only for you, but also for your children. If your baby doesn’t like this activity from the very first moment, don’t try to force him, but also don’t let him go right away – get him used to it slowly. The small steps method usually works! Also, keep in mind that you will plan your training, and your children will not want to run and exercise with a wheelchair. Then what? Smile and come home! Nothing by force 🙂 Don’t get upset and don’t get discouraged. You may try again in a while. Mother’s life is a path of many compromises, but also awakening creativity, also in the direction of training. Have you tried this type of exercise yet? How are you doing with the exercise? Let me know – it’s worth using the experiences of other mothers 🙂

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Training with a stroller? It is possible!

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