ZEvent: The cream of Twitch raises a record 10 million euros for Action Against Hunger

Supported by half a hundred videographers, the digital charity event organized this weekend on the streaming platform shattered the platform’s audience records in France.

It was the most anticipated charity weekend of the French-speaking Twitch generation. 52 gamers gathered for a weekend of streaming raised more than 10 million euros for the benefit of the NGO Action Against Hunger, at the end of the sixth edition of ZEvent. 50-hour marathon of video games, entertainment and various challenges, a few tears and, above all, a hell of a dose of fun, the event almost doubled the prize pool of 5.7 million euros raised for the benefit Amnesty International, during the 2020 edition of the charity event.

“It’s historic! It’s incredible ! The ZEvent 2021 shatters all records! ”, triumphantly exclaimed on Sunday evening Adrien Nougaret, alias Zerator, the co-founder, with his comrade Alexandre Dachary, of the ZEvent charity project. Inaugurated late Friday afternoon, the day after a charity concert organized at the Palais des Congrès de la Grande-Motte, the 2021 edition of the event broke all French-speaking audience records on Twitch, with a peak at more than 707,000 spectators recorded Sunday evening on the Zerator channel alone. “By mobilizing all together, we can move mountains: you did it # ZEvent2021, you did it again this year! A big bravo ”, also greeted Emmanuel Macron on Twitter, from Rome where the President of the Republic attended the annual G20 summit bringing together several heads of state and government.

Organized in Montpellier, the sixth edition of ZEvent has brought together face-to-face, since Friday, a host of the best-known French videographers from Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform. Aged 19 to 41, Domingo, Inoxtag, Mister MV, Gotaga, Michou, Ponce, Sardoche, Antoine Daniel or even Joueur du Grenier – to name a few – were there to collect the maximum amount of funds for the benefit of of Action Against Hunger. A system of challenges to be met and commitments to be made at each level of donations (the «donations goals»), has been prepared, as with each charitable event on the platform, in order to better mobilize the respective communities of the various personalities involved in this edition.

Minority on Twitch, where they are overexposed to harassment and ordinary misogyny, 9 streamers, including Maghla, Little Big Whale and Right Angle, also participated in the 2021 edition of ZEvent. Apart from a brief general hiatus in broadcasts on Saturday due to a false bomb threat, the weekend was also marked on Sunday by a wave of hateful comments on social networks addressed against streamers Jeel and Ultia. “There are things that have escalated, especially this afternoon, with people who have been targeted by hate raids from certain communities, etc. Obviously this is never wanted by the streamers”, sorry Adrien Nougaret Sunday evening.

Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

To animate this weekend of generosity, the 52 videographers of ZEvent 2021 have used all the springs of entertainment to mobilize Internet users and the respective communities of the various participants. The historic business of the Twitch platform, the video game has, unsurprisingly, been used in all its diversity. Colorful obstacle courses from Fall Guys to the classics of competitive games League of Legends , Worms and Overwatch , through the brand new Age of Empires 4, the gamers did not fail to pit their practiced skill and their keen sense of tactics against each other.

From virtual worlds to reality, the struggle between streamers has also been carried over to several quizzes, boxing games, table tennis or even, Halloween obliges, a pumpkin competition. Highlight of the weekend, the presenter Samuel Étienne came to present with the videographer Étoile the second edition of Question for a streamer, pastiche pop de Question for a champion already presented in 2020. An opportunity for some videographers to shine through their culture. But also to refresh the memory of those who would have forgotten that the capital of Sri Lanka is indeed called Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, as the streamer Right Angle proudly unsheathed, to the general amazement.

The karaoke sessions where the streamers compete are among the essential moments of ZEvent. Capture Twitch LittleBigWhale

Finally, like the previous editions, the hours and hours of live ZEvent have again given birth to sequences sometimes absurd, sometimes memorable. The magic of the event, the effervescence and the tumult of the days have more than once given a glimpse of some shattering animation that was brewing in the background or the off-screen of the cameras. As for the nightly entertainment, they will have seen a square of irreducible wear out the vocal cords during a karaoke given at the bottom of the night from Saturday to Sunday. The Zevent will once again leave a few dozen streamers speechless. And a few millions for a noble cause.

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ZEvent: The cream of Twitch raises a record 10 million euros for Action Against Hunger

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