Man in the Arena: Tom Brady / Resumen Episodio 1

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“Man in the Arena” is already airing on ESPN + and although the series is dedicated to Tom Brady’s 21-year career, plus those that accumulate, the first episode revolves around the relationship between the then quartertbacks of the New England Patriots in the early NFL years of the now legendary No. 12.

In addition to Brady, who recounts his childhood in California, his love of football, his time at the University of Michigan and his arrival in the NFL as a sixth-round pick in 2000, Bledsoe and former linebacker Willie McGinest they also offer their testimonies about some Patriots who fought at the end of the last century and the first years of the present to be relevant.

The first episode details how after being drafted in 1993, Bledsoe confirmed himself as the Patriots’ franchise quarterback after taking them to the Super Bowl in his second year and signing a 10-year, $ 103 million contract with New England in 2001 and how their relationship began. with Brady.

“I didn’t pay much attention to the (2000) draft in general. When we got to the quarterbacks meeting, I saw a guy that was hanging around and he was probably going to be in the kiga for a long time, but maybe as a backup, “Bledsoe relates of the moment he met Brady.

As a rookie, Brady approached Bledsoe to delve into the world of the NFL, studying the strategies, the pace of the games and the reasons why a quarterback makes one or the other decisions.

“It was extremely curious, almost annoying, always asking me about this decision, this other. I shared as much as I could with him, ”recalls Bledsoe. “He was a skinny guy who came out of Michigan. I did not perceive it as a threat ”.

The episode goes through the impact of the hard blow that the then New York Jets linebacker, Mo Lewis, gave to Bledsoe and that caused a serious internal injury to No. 11 and that changed the course of the history of the team. NFL, as well as the consequent decision of Bill Belichick to keep Brady as his starting quarterback despite the fact that Bledsoe was already totally healthy.

A currently 44-year-old Brady speaks of that 24-year-old who in 2001 had the unexpected responsibility of carrying an entire NFL team on his shoulders and had to better prepare to meet expectations.

“Working hard is a sustainable trait, part of your character,” says the 2021 Brady. “If you don’t have it, at some point the talent runs out and you were recruited based on your talent and potential, but the sustainable part of me talent and potential was hard work.

“The players in front of me were always physically bigger and more gifted than me, so I always had to work and prepare physically to be able to measure up,” he adds.

As Brady established himself as the Patriots’ starting quarterback, Bledsoe’s discomfort mounted and the now-retired passer expresses some of the feelings he had after being relegated.

“You go through every imaginable process: ‘To hell. I’m out. If they’re going to treat me like this, I won’t take it, ‘”says Bledsoe. “As a team, it was really bittersweet and with Tom the same. I love the guy, but at the same time, I was like, ‘He has my job and it’s my team that he leads and I can’t do it.’

Despite the evidently and well-documented annoyance that Bledsoe felt at the time, Brady highlights in his testimony the value that the veteran quarterback had as a teammate on the way to winning Super Bowl XXXVI, the first of six that Brady has added in his career. .

“What I respect a lot about Drew is that he never let any of those emotions negatively impact me (…) When I see what Drew went through, I see a guy who was not selfish and that something that stayed with me,” says Brady .

Do not miss the Episodio 2 de “Man in the Arena” next Tuesday, November 23 (8 pm ET) on ESPN +.

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Man in the Arena: Tom Brady / Resumen Episodio 1

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