Mark Wahlberg: His $ 50 Watch Is Perfect For Your Vacation

As a good celebrity, Mark Wahlberg He is a fan of watches and was recently spotted wearing a rose gold Patek Philippe that is completely unaffordable for those who are not into making blockbuster movies around the world.

The watch in question is the reference 5990 / 1R of Nautilus by Patek Philippe that costs more than 90,000 euros, a luxury piece that is not to be worn every day and that can definitely be ruined if you give it rough use, so it is not the watch that the actor chooses to wear on vacation or in the day to day.

The protagonist of Ted e Infinite (a new movie by Science fiction which puts an interesting twist on the theory that we all have past lives) you can afford to buy the most expensive, exclusive and extravagant watches, and you do, but you also know that from time to time something more casual is needed, from rough use and much more accessible, and you have a watch just for those moments.

Mark Wahlberg’s accessible watch

Bill Gates use a Casio that does not cost even 100 dollars, Steve Jobs I was a fan of the Japanese brand Seiko and Mark Wahlberg He has a watch that you can buy on Amazon for $ 50, and that is perfect to exercise, go to the pool or go on vacation with your children (or dogs) without fear that something will happen to him or that he will end up ruined.

On his Instagram account, the actor shared a photo with his three children (and we wonder if he has already trained them in the same way that he does, we can definitely see muscles), and that is where we can see a new watch on your wrist.

The watch he chose for an afternoon of pool games (with three kids jumping on it) is a Timex Ironman digital, in black, white and gray colors, which is something very different for an actor who is usually seen wearing exclusively luxury watches and with very, very high prices.

Mark Wahlberg


Among its features, Amazon highlights that this watch has:

  • Adjustable 18mm black resin strap that fits a wrist circumference of up to 8 inches.
  • 100-hour chronograph with 100-lap memory; interval training timer; 24 hour countdown timer
  • 5 customizable alarms; 24-hour military time mode; 2 time zones; day, date and month calendar
  • 44mm black and silver resin case with acrylic lens; gray digital display; Indiglo illuminated watch face
  • Water resistant up to 100m (330ft): Generally suitable for diving, as well as for swimming, but not for diving.

It is certainly a good watch for exercising or activities a little more intense, in which a Patek Philippe or a classic watch more delicate maybe they are not the best option. This is a watch that shows that he doesn’t want to worry about what might happen if a little water gets into his watch, and it is said to be one of the actor’s favorites because it is one he has worn since 2012 and is taking it out again. time and time again, she has even worn it on the red carpet on occasion.

The great advantage of this watch is that it is very resistant, easy to read and can be submerged in water without problems, making it a great choice for a trip to the beach, when the last thing you want is to start a collection of watches that they will only take up space in the suitcase.


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Mark Wahlberg: His $ 50 Watch Is Perfect For Your Vacation