Marvel’s What If…? Episode 6 Poster Teases Killmonger Story

Marvel Studios releases new poster for What If…? teasing that episode 6 will have a story focused on Michael B. Jordan’s character, Killmonger.

The poster for episode 6 of Marvel’s What If…? teases the long-awaited Killmonger story. Ever since the announcement of What If…?, fans have been scouring the teasers for potential clues of what each episode would be about. When Killmonger was spotted in the official trailer for the series, it was clear the character would have a big part in at least one episode.

Killmonger first appeared in the MCU as the main antagonist in Black Panther. Portrayed by Michael B. Jordan, the villain is remembered as one of the best in the franchise as he was a well-rounded character whose motivations made sense. Critics especially pointed out that Killmonger was unique in that he was not just a one-note bad guy similar to what audiences often see in other MCU films.  At the end of Black Panther, after battling for the crown of Wakanda, Killmonger appeared to have died while watching the sunset with T’Challa.

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Marvel Studios released a new poster for What If…? on Twitter this week teasing that episode 6 will have a story focused on Killmonger. With Michael B. Jordan returning as the voice of the character, fans have a lot to look forward to in this episode. Check out the poster below to see a clear shot of Killmonger in his animated glory:

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Based on his appearance in the trailer for the series, Killmonger’s story is likely to cross paths with Tony Stark around the time that Tony was captured in Afghanistan in 2008. Likely both of their stories will diverge from the main timeline a great amount due to this meeting, especially as his experience as a captive in the caves is what turned things around for Tony (morally speaking). Whether this means audiences will see Killmonger take an armored suit of his own similar to Rhodey’s War Machine, or convince Stark to help him invade Wakanda for the tech, fans only need to wait till the episode premieres on Wednesday to find out.

With Jordan returning to play Killmonger in What If…?, as well as the tragic loss of Boseman last year, there has been some speculation on Jordan’s future in the MCU. While his character may have “died” at the end of Black Panther, there are rumors that he could return (in true comic-book fashion) and perhaps take up the mantle of his cousin, T’Challa. How Marvel would manage to make all that work is anyone’s guess, but Michael B. Jordan certainly has the star power to pick up where Boseman left off and would respect the role and what it means to millions of fans around the world. For now, fans will not know how Marvel and the creatives of Black Panther will move forward until more information is released about Black Panther 2.

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