Matt Bomer steals the spotlight in ‘the Sinner’ season 3

After two years of long waiting, The Sinner he or she returned to Netflix with a third season, coronandose as the most watched series on the platform in its first weekend. What’s more, at the time of writing this article, it is the second most viewed proposal from the giant. streaming in Spain and only behind the erotic phenomenon 365 days (While I still do not understand how this movie can continue to sweep).

After a less convincing second season, the anthology starring Bill Pullman manages to approach the bar that left the first batch in 2017 with a more intelligent plot and thanks to a name: Matt Bomer.

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The Sinner began his journey three years ago when Jessica Biel – Justin Timberlake’s wife – launched into story production, relaunching her career at the same time by awarding herself the title role. The idea came from a novel by Petra Hammesfahr that gave us a disturbing psychological thriller full of questions that immediately obtained unanimous applause from the public and critics, and the green light to develop a second season.

Those who have seen the series know very well that the character of Jessica was the antagonist. Their case begins and ends in eight episodes – with a surprising final twist – and therefore, if they were to continue the series, they had to focus on the figure of Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman). A character with few friends and little chemistry with the audience. The role is so problematic and ambiguous that it is difficult (but very difficult) to connect with and understand it. Doing a second season with him as the central figure was going to be a challenge.

They tried. The American critics applauded the second season, but not so much the public. The series disappointed, but not because it had a lousy plot or bad acting, but simply because it changed its intentions, going from a first story full of twists and thriller flavor, to a season that played to search for answers too much in unnecessary corners. In addition, the absence of a face that would attract the public as Jessica Biel did and a story that focused more on Ambrose’s personal dramas than on the case itself, left the intention of a psychological thriller in the background. What’s more, at times it seemed that we were seeing a less cynical version of Doctor House. He also suffered from a limp and pain that affected much of his personality and existence. Only in some episodes did they manage to raise the bar, and only when the case of the little protagonist who confessed to having poisoned a couple began to tie up loose ends.

And so we come to the third. I confess that I had lost hope and began to see her the same Friday without much desire. However, to my surprise, my perception immediately changed thanks to the new face that was added to the story. The one of Matt Bomer.

And after a tour of Twitter I have verified that the opinion seems to be unanimous. Because of her beauty or her performance, it is what she is liking the most about the third season.

Matt Bomer, who is remembered by many for his role in White glove thief (2009-2014) and others for being one of the dancers of Magic Mike, he puts the public in his pocket with his role as a teacher who takes his existential doubts to the earthly plane. Not only does he exploit his beauty with close-ups that take advantage of each of the perfect angles of his face, but the interpreter brings out the best of himself by becoming the villain we want him to triumph. At least in the beginning. In the villain we do not want to end up being “the bad guy.”

Bill Pullman returns to play Harry Ambrose, now more measured, just as lonely but more focused on his personal and professional life. He still has things to solve, especially with his daughter, but he seems to be on track. And at that moment another case arrives that takes him back down the path of intuition and obsession, when a fatal car accident makes him suspect the co-pilot who escapes unharmed.

The survivor is Jamie Burns (Matt Bomer), a high school teacher who is about to become a father. The deceased was a friend from the past, Nick Haas (Chris Messina) who appears at his house in the middle of the night and after years without seeing each other. The series shows us what happened before the accident resorting to the tactic of the flashbacks, And from the first minute they meet each other, we know something smells bad. That there is a secret and ulterior motives that we will discover little by little.

Ambrose immediately turns his attention to Jamie, discovering that it took him a long time to call an ambulance. That his friend might have survived if he hadn’t taken so long. Thus begins the suspicions that, in the absence of evidence, lead him to create a relationship with the suspect that crosses all lines of ethics and morals, discovering the philosophical ideas that Jamie and Nick shared since they were young about life and death. About living on the edge, getting as close to the end as possible, only to challenge life itself.

Like the rest of the seasons, the third season is also made up of eight episodes that practically force us to see her in a marathon. With this third batch it seems that those responsible learned their lesson, and although they return to lead Harry’s character down a dark and twisted path (too much at times), the complexity of the plot makes the series finally achieve that level of quality imposed by the first.

Matt Bomer transmits the magic of the main villain. The one that ends up connecting with the audience more than justice itself, and achieves it by exploiting the different faces of his character. His doubts and confusion are always present, Bomer never forgets to convey them and that is why he is a different villain. An unexpected antagonist who has not gone unnoticed by anyone.

The Sinner T3 it is no better than the first. That’s impossible. That batch centered on Cora (Biel), a mother who suddenly stabbed a stranger to death in broad daylight and in front of the entire town, was magnificent. One of Netflix’s best bets when it comes to psychological thriller series is concerned. As I said, it is not better, but the third season is quite close. It gives us hope that the second could not. Yes, hope, because there is already a fourth season approved.

In short, this sequel is more meticulous, with dialogue so interesting that you want to watch it again just to remember it better. At the same time, it delves deeper into male emotionality from angles rarely seen on television, giving us a final climax full of tension and a dramatic arc covered with emotional and psychological attributes that demonstrate the contradiction of both characters. While it shows that, to continue with more seasons, Bill Pullman needs a co-star who can measure up to share the weight of the plot. That Harry Ambrose as a central character does not have the same result. And, in addition, it shows that the more intelligent and strange the idea it presents, the better it manages to come to fruition.

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Matt Bomer steals the spotlight in ‘the Sinner’ season 3