Met Gala: Jared Leto and his best looks in history

Jared Leto he’s a unique, utterly fascinating guy who oscillates between messianic imagery and a deconstructed rock idol. He is a man who, definitely, makes you think how far you could go with a garment like the ones he has – that you don’t know, to begin with, if you would be able to buy it on any given day – but who catches your gaze with each one of them. their crazy choices. Decisions that have made him an icon of entertainment, as well as a spokesperson for the most indomitable contemporary fashion.

Who would have thought in the early 90s that Summer would go from the good, “pretty” boy on the screen to a enfant terrible of the fashion? Specifically, contrasting when he made his film debut with How to Make an American Quilt, and the man who today contributes to gender fluidity and avant garde of fashion in popular culture. A guy who can be understood as someone who extended his limits to show us other ways of being a man today, but who, in turn, could be read as a creative project of Gucci per se? A person who embodies the standards of the famous Italian brand and who acts as a receptacle for the optics proposed by Alessandro Michele. Maybe. You are about to come to your own conclusion.

To show this, let’s review the best looks in the history of Jared Leto. Those who have turned him into an eccentric creature to study, as well as a demigod or mythological pop character to admire.

For starters, Jared Leto at the Met Gala

Jared Leto is one of the celebrities – and Gucci’s Anna Wintour and Alessandro Michele darlings – we hope to see on the red carpet at the MET Gala 2021.

Before these happen, let’s remember her most impressive outfits in one of the most important events in the world of fashion.

Met Gala 2019

During the gala for Camp: Notes on Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

© Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

During the most important evening of fashion worldwide, which had as its theme the camp, Summer she wore a long red dress with large shoulder pads and marked volumes. This was accompanied by sparkling applications and, yes, the legendary bag that was a replica of her own head. A genius signed by Gucci, the millennial’s favorite luxury brand.

Can we ever remember forgetting when at the MET Gala, Jared Leto literally offered a bounty on his head?

Met Gala 2018: Holy Trinity of fashion

© Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

In the company of Alessandro Michele —creative director of Gucci– and Lana del Rey, Jared became a genuine religious motive for the Met Gala 2018. XXL lapels, neck tie, a gold-embroidered churrigueresque stole and a crown of thorns… Who else to emulate a 21st century Christ?

Met Gala 2016: White Tuxedo

One of her most conservative looks, to tell the truth.

© Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images.

During the Met Gala 2016 and accompanied by Florence Welch, the actor and singer wore a white three-piece tuxedo with a cane. Also under the authorship of Gucci.

The coat à la Joker

The match between all the colors of this look should be a constant example for you.

© David M. Benett via Getty Images

A military-inspired coat and neat silhouettes in a striking green that was etched in our memory thanks to the famous meme where – supposedly – Summer admires this garment for the first time in fascination.


© Yui Mok via Getty Images

Yes. But let’s get the boring white shirts out of the way and put on a sparkly necklace with cherry boots. Nothing can go wrong and that will make us stand out from the rest; Jared’s word.

Monochromatic look for the Grammys

Some boots that you need in your life.

© Steve Granitz via Getty Images.

Jared It has shown us that men, if we are well determined, can achieve very successful monochrome looks beyond black. Look at those white boots. A serious matter that became, without a doubt, one of his best style lessons.

70’s vibes

© Taylor Hill via Getty Images

A look that seems minimalist in the wardrobe of Summer, but that has all the force of the seventies and the most incredible details that today the highfashion. Also, this outfit is one of her many lessons to successfully wear long hair.

Coolness out of all pretense

Only then are you allowed to wear white socks and black shoes …

© Pascal Le segretain via Getty Images

If you are looking for a look that makes you feel stylish, but saves you a lot of trouble going to bed after the party, Jared showed us in the after party of the Oscars that the unconcern and style cozy They are compatible with the boy image cool.


© Greetsia Tent via Getty Images

Finally, how can we forget the most rocker of the musician when in 2010 festivals meant everything? Yes, there are complete aberrations from that time, but Summer He managed to create a balance between this aesthetic, his own style and what would come in the future with his wardrobe.

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Met Gala: Jared Leto and his best looks in history