Michael B. Jordan: How To Wear Your Shirt Open On A Date (And Look Good)

Michael B. Jordan He is one of the most sought-after actors of the moment, in fact, he has been for a few years and that is because he has known how to choose his projects very well, which range from Creed a Black Panther and some interesting series in which he develops as a producer (blunt Raising Dion from Netflix).

The actor is also one of the most sought after on the Internet, this because with his action films he showed that he found the ideal way to gain muscle and burn fat, so his training routines (he has a very good one for the abdomen) tend to become a trend .

But not only that, Michael B. Jordan He is a great actor and a fitness “guru”, but we cannot ignore the fact that he is also a master when it comes to fashion and style, making even the most casual looks look a little more sophisticated and special, not because nothing came to be recognized as one of the sexiest men on the planet (and that’s something you can equalize by following a few tips from those who have already made it to that point).

The actor’s style is worthy of being imitated, his looks are modern and current, they tend to adapt very well to trends and classics, and, in addition, he is a good source of inspiration when it comes to learning how to dress better for a date.

For the latter case, Jordan has a look that becomes a trend again every summer and that has been worn by the men we all admire in terms of style, David Beckham a Justin Bieber. What is that look? The one with the open shirt, which can look very good or very bad if you don’t use it correctly.

Michael B. Jordan

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How to wear the shirt open?

The first layer

It’s not just about wearing one open shirt and go through life showing as much skin as you can (ok, you can if you are at the beach), the open shirt is part of a layered look and you should pay close attention to what you wear under it.

Jordan, for example, wears a tank top that is tight to the bodyThis helps everything to have shape and make you look more stylish and sophisticated. But, for this you should choose a tank top that does not look inside, that means choosing a thicker material and a well-built piece.

The classic white color does not fail, but you can play with the tones and ranges depending on the rest of the colors of the look. The idea is to create a good balance.

The pants

Another very important element of the look is the style of pants you use. If you want to look elegant and casual at the same time, with a sexy touch, Jordan shows that you should go for a retro style (Beckham y Joe Jonas they’ve already done it), with higher-waisted pants and wider legs, to compensate for the fact that you’re wearing a tight-fitting shirt.

The accessories

You don’t want to seem Tony soprano resting at home with his shirt open. This should look intentional, so it’s important to complement with accessories that are trending at the moment, such as a slim chain and a good watch.

Jordan goes for metals, which are timeless and can be combined in many different ways.

Stamped or not stamped?

Finally, the shirt is the star, so you have to choose the right one. For the summer, the short-sleeved shirt is the best option, as well as allowing you to be as creative, colorful or serious as you want. In the case of JordanIts look is relatively monochromatic, but it adds a more interesting element by means of a small and classic print.

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Michael B. Jordan: How To Wear Your Shirt Open On A Date (And Look Good)