Mike Colter and Finn Jones to be replaced as Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the MCU

Marvel superhero series on Netflix achieved wide recognition during their air times, with several of them becoming truly notable products of the small screen. Unfortunately, the company made the decision to cancel them a few years ago but fans have not lost hope of seeing their characters return; On the other hand, Marvel Studios would already be planning its own series of Heroes for Hire but not with the same Netflix actors. A new report from The Hashtag Show argues that company executives do want Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the MCU, but they won’t bring back Finn Jones and Mike Colter.

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It was a blow to fans when Netflix announced the cancellation of Iron Fist – 50% y Luke Cage – 78%, and with such a short time difference. The actors appreciated the opportunity and the years used to develop their characters on the small screen, said goodbye with dignity and since then they have not returned or confirmed their participation in any other project with their respective heroes. The information of The Hashtag Show does not have good predictions for Colter and Jones, who apparently are far from any recovery.

The news outlet declares that Marvel Studios is not interested in hiring Finn already Mike so that they revive their characters, and that in fact he intends to find very different actors for the roles. Although the report should be taken as a rumor, it is important to note that both stars have the upper hand. The interpretation of Jones as Iron Fist it is often considered the worst of the series and the truth is that there is a lot of disenchantment around it; The Hashtag Show points out that without the same Iron Fist actor you can’t have Luke Cage.

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Given the reality of things, Marvel Studios would have the intention of hiring other actors for the characters. The information says that the company would be interested in a celebrity of Asian origins for the role of Iron Fist and that Lewis Tan is their favorite alternative. Only time will tell us what the largest superhero studio in Hollywood has in store for its characters. We will see Heroes for Hire early? Sounds like it could become a big hit on the Disney Plus platform.

On the other side of the coin, an interesting situation is being presented with an emphasis on Charlie Cox and Daredevil. Rumors about his appearance in the MCU have not stopped flowing and recently they regained strength in networks; It is said that the actor will return as Matt Murdock not only in Spider-Man: No Road Home, but also in the series of She-Hulk. Daredevil – 93% became Netflix’s favorite Marvel series and fans of the actor went to great lengths to get the company to take into account Cox. The #SaveDaredevil movement became powerful on Twitter and it seems quite effective.

The only certain thing at the moment is that the possibilities of the MCU are many and that the study will surprise us with unexpected decisions and long-awaited rumors. Marvel Studios is already starting a completely different era in 2021 and intends to put the house for sale, just look at their series on Disney Plus to notice that the stakes are gigantic and that they plan to recover all the time lost due to the pandemic.

The first film of the new stage of the MCU is Black Widow – 87% and as of today it is available on the billboard. Will it become the biggest hit of the pandemic?

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Mike Colter and Finn Jones to be replaced as Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the MCU