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The film, directed by Simon McQuoid, has made some changes from the original material. Discover them!

Mortal Kombat has jumped, once again, from video games to the big screen. The new film adaptation of the famous graphic adventure is directed by Simon McQuoid and, as is often the case, the film has made some changes with respect to the original material.

One of the most notable differences is that of the introduction of Cole Young, a character created solely for the big screen that does not appear in video games. However, other aspects of the story such as the Arcana, the powers of Sonya Blade or the rivalry between Sub-Zero and Scorpion they have also undergone changes in the film version. We tell you these and other differences below:

The choice of champions

In video games, those who face each other in fighting tournaments do so for different reasons. However, there is no universal explanation for why they fight each other. The movie, on the other hand, indicates that those who fight each other is because have been chosen or because they have killed someone who was one of those selected.

In the first group is Cole Young (Lewis Tan), who was born with the dragon mark on his skin that marks him as one of the chosen ones. In the second, for example, it is Sonya Balde (Jessica McNamee), who earns the symbol after defeating Kano (Josh Lawson).

The Arcana

In McQuoid’s film, champions have special powers that they can access by unlocking the Arcana. In this way, the Arcana is the unique ability that each champion possesses. Some take longer than others to get it. In video games, on the other hand, the powers of each character do not have a specific explanation.

The rivalry between Sub-Zero and Scorpion

Mortal Kombat begins with a sequence in which Bi-Han (Joe Taslim) -the future Sub-Zero– goes with his henchmen to the house of Hanzo Hasashi (Hiroyuki Sanada) -the future Scorpion– to finish him off. The reason? There is a prophecy that Hanzo’s descendants will destroy Outworld, the emperor’s world Shang Tsung (Chin Han).

In video games, the rivalry between the two characters has to do with the sorcerer Quan Chi, whose objective is to face both characters, who belong to rival clans. Sub-Zero kills Scorpion, but Quan Chin resurrects the latter and makes him believe that Sub-Zero has killed his family and clan.

Jax’s arms, Sonya Blade’s powers, and Kano’s eye

In video games, Jax (Mehcad Brooks) loses his arms in very different ways. However, Sub-Zero is not involved in any of those versions. Unlike what happens in the movie. It is in the fight between the two characters at the beginning when Jax is left without arms and, later, they put metal ones on him.

Another difference has to do with how Sonya Blade gets her powers. In the movie, she does it after killing Kano, becoming one of those selected for fights, and unlocking her Arcana. In video games, Sonya Blade’s ability comes from mechanical creations rather than an inherent power.

On the other hand, the kano laser eye -another power that comes from unlocking his Arcana in the movie- has a different explanation in video games. Kano suffered extensive eye damage after a battle with Jax. Following this, he was grafted with a mechanical plate and an enhanced eye, allowing him to shoot laser beams through him.


This character appears in the film when Cole Young and Sonya Blade meet for the first time. In video games, as indicated Den of Geek, it’s kind of humanoid reptile which follows Outworld emperor Shang Tsung. In addition, he is a ninja with great fighting ability. In the film, on the other hand, he has been introduced as a giant lizard.

The descendant of Scorpion

Cole Young is a character created exclusively for the film. It does not appear in video games. In the film he is introduced as the descendant of Scorpion. The children of the latter have appeared in video games, but only in visions or ‘flashbacks’.

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‘Mortal Kombat’: 6 differences between the movie and video games – movie news