Movie and series premieres on Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin from October 26 to November 1 – Series News

The second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ stands out above all of them and will be released on the platform on the 30th.

The week that begins says goodbye to October and greets November with the premiere of the premieres: the second season of The Mandalorian on Disney +. Little or nothing can cope with such a launch, but the rest of the platforms also introduce the most interesting titles in their catalog in the next seven days. Without going any further, the long-awaited American adaptation of Utopia or the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost series Truth Seekers reach Amazon, while in Movistar + Death in Salisbury promises to leave us in one piece with his faithful account of a true story.

In addition, some thirty new feature films are added to Filmin’s extensive catalog throughout the week.

Netflix premieres: The series from October 26 to November 1

Below you can see the titles of cinema and series premiered in Amazon Prime Video, Movistar +, Disney + and Filmin in the week of October 26 to November 1:



The Mandalorian – Season 2

New installment of the most anticipated adventure series of the year. After enjoying the first season of The Mandalorian With the arrival of Disney + in Spain, season 2 of Star Wars fiction will be broadcast weekly on the platform, with a new premiere episode every Friday. In this new installment, Mando (Pedro Pascal) continues with his mission to save El Niño and, while the endearing couple navigates the Galaxy in search of allies, new threats and dangers continue to stand in their way in a scenario each time. more fickle after the fall of the Empire.

Premiere: 30th of October



The Challenge: ETA

In a month in which ETA has already been the subject of one of the most successful series of the fall, Homeland, Amazon Prime Video launches its self-produced documentary on the history of the terrorist gang. An eight-episode production that thoroughly explores the 50 years in which the group was active, from its first assassination in 1968 to its final dissolution in 2018.

Premiere: 30th of October

Truth Seekers

Created by the magnificent duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Zombis Party, Fatal weapon), Truth Seekers is a horror comedy with 30-minute episodes that follows in the footsteps of Gus (Frost) and Elton (Samson Kayo), two operators of a telecommunications company who intersperse their work as internet installers with filming experiences paranormals and encounters with fantasies in different parts of England. Videos that are later posted on his You Tube channel: Truth Seekers.

Premiere: 30th of October


It has rained since the idea of ​​adapting the British series Utopia was put on the table for the first time, but it is already here. With no David Fincher in the mix and developed by Gillian Flynn, the new Utopia, like the original, follows a disparate group of netizens who share something in common. His obsession with a comic.

Premiere: 30th of October

South Park – Seasons 1-22

If you’ve always liked South Park you’ll like to know that no more and no less than 22 seasons are coming to Amazon Prime Video next week. Good binges are coming.

Premiere: 31 October

HBO Premieres: Series and Movies from October 26 to November 1


The Boy. The curse of Brahms

Second part of the gloomy The BoyIn this new installment we meet again with that terrifying child who uses his doll to achieve his evil goals. In this new installment, his victims will be a family that has moved to a mansion about which some legends are told. Things will get complicated when your youngest son befriends the doll.

Premiere: October 26th

Baby Driver

Directed by Edward Wright, Baby Driver follows in the footsteps of a young driver who has put his driving skills at the service of a mobster. Tired of this lifestyle, the protagonist decides to dedicate himself to his passion, music, but first he will carry out one last mission in which he ends up falling in love.

Premiere: October 26th



Death in Salisbury

This British miniseries is based on a true event that happened in the British city of Salisbury in March 2018. Then, a chain of poisonings with ‘novichok’, a lethal poison developed in the USSR, and the discovery of hundreds of traces of it by the entire city plunged the population into absolute terror. Behind the scandal, it turned out, was a political objective.

Premiere: October 30


An ideal family

In this tender family film Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd play a couple who adopt their first child. However, there is a fact from the past of Erasmus, the 10-year-old boy they have adopted, that is going to turn their hitherto quiet and sophisticated lives upside down.

Premiere: October 27 at Movistar CineDo & Roll

Until the wedding do us part

The film by Dani de la Orden arrives on the Movistar + platform after its premiere in February of this year Until death do us part, a comedy in which Belén Cuesta and Álex García are the protagonists. Ella, a wedding planner who is not particularly romantic; him, a one-night stand and boyfriend of Marina’s childhood friend who, when she discovers her friend’s business card among her boy’s things, interprets it as a marriage proposal.

Premiere: October 30 at Movistar Premieres

5 is the perfect number

Naples. The 70s. Peppino receives a call related to his past as a Camorra murderer in which he is informed that his son, heir to his position in the gang, has been murdered. So Peppino does not doubt it: he must avenge his death again.

Premiere: October 28 at Movistar CineDo & Roll


Netflix Releases: Movies from October 26 to November 1


The art of deception

This Irish psychological ‘thriller’ tells the story of a young woman, Ophelia, in love with her teacher, Michael. Mysteriously missing, the girl does not hesitate to try to find him anyway, and when she finally does, she discovers that his wife has died in a fire. Both begin a love relationship, but the shadow of the dead wife is still very present in the romance.

Premiere: 30th of October


Shadow of the past

German ‘thriller’ Esther narrated through three decades follows in the footsteps of a young artist, Kurt Barnert, who is still haunted by his childhood under Nazi authoritarianism and the regime of the German Democratic Republic. Through the life of the artist, the film tells the history of Germany from Nazism to communist rule at the time of the Berlin Wall.

Premiere: October 26th

The advantages of being an outcast

When Charlie changes institute, he is very afraid of his arrival at the new center. He feels different from others, who see him as a genius, but on a social level he feels completely alone and marginalized. Until he meets Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller), two students who take him as their protégé and dedicate themselves to teaching him to defend himself.

Premiere: 30th of October

Elite mercenaries

A team of mercenaries considered the best are hired by billionaire Donovan Chalmers (Bruce Willis), owner of a large computer company. The star group’s goal is to protect a piece of technology capable of ending the world, but the mission becomes more complex when the businessman’s daughter is kidnapped by a terrorist gang that knows about the piece and wants to take it over.

Premiere: 30th of October

-Other films that are incorporated into the catalog-

  • Two Heads Creek – October 28
  • Burning Out – October 28
  • Becky – October 29th
  • Last spring – October 29th
  • The offering – October 29th
  • Swing, the life of a secret – October 29th
  • Ice moons – 30th of October
  • The Spanish. Torres’ – 30th of October
  • It’s for us! – 30th of October
  • Little heroes – 30th of October
  • Alamarilove – 30th of October
  • Murmur – 31 October
  • Arburetum – 31 October
  • Godforsaken – 31 October
  • Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayer – 31 October
  • Victim of Love – 31 October
  • Leni – 31 October
  • Murder Death Koreatown – 31 October
  • The Strings – 31 October
  • Reel 2 – 31 October
  • Behind You – 31 October
  • The desvida – 31 October
  • Fox Hunt Drive – 31 October
  • red Mill – November 1st
  • Mysterious murder in Manhattan – November 1st
  • The Winslow case – November 1st
  • My girl – November 1st
  • Muppets conquer Manhattan – November 1st
  • Games People Play – November 1st
  • The visitors of the night – November 1st
  • Anonimous Animals – November 1st

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Movie and series premieres on Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Movistar + and Filmin from October 26 to November 1 – Series News