Avatar: The Last Airbender: 10 Times Plot Armor Saved The Day

Avatar: The Last Airbender It is considered by animation lovers as one of the most engaging stories ever created. Detailed world construction, character exploration, and animation have created one of Nickelodeon’s largest fan bases. Although Avatar premiered in 2005 and concluded in 2008, fan interest never waned. With his later comics, novels, and the sequel series The Legend of Korra, it’s easy to believe that the writing of Avatar it is impeccable.

Although the writing of the series is phenomenal, there are certainly moments that do not live up to the reputation of the writers. In a series that includes epic battles and world-changing decisions, it is inevitable that some story arcs will bite off more than they can chew. Aang and his friends may struggle, but this is a series where heroes always win. When all hope seems lost and the characters are cornered, Team Avatar has something more powerful than flex up its sleeve: story armor.

10 Aang is alive after 100 years on an iceberg

There is something unlikely about a child surviving for 100 years in a block of ice. Naturally, Aang’s ability to not only live but to recover effortlessly is attributed to his Avatar status.

Maybe if a character can control items and gain glowing powers during fights, criticizing their physical durability is a bit of a pickle. However, the fact that Aang is in the right place and time at the beginning of the series is already a bit convenient for the heroes.

9 The Great Divide’s conclusion is still infamousavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 1

“The Great Divide” is known as the least impressive episode of the series, and the writers themselves scoff at its low rating. That said, the episode is not terrible. Team Avatar has to help two rival tribes from the Earth Kingdom cross a canyon, and the very dynamics of Sokka and Katara’s brothers bring out their ugliest side.

The concept itself is interesting, but the series attempts to resolve an old dispute in a twenty-minute episode and does so by having the bright-eyed protagonist make up a tale. No one is ever in real danger, but Aang’s lie prevents him from achieving peace between the tribes. The episode builds on the issue and then ends it in a few seconds, allowing the heroes to avoid further conflict.

8 Zuko survives Zhao’s attackavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 2

In the first season, Admiral Zhao establishes himself as a villain and shows how far he is willing to go to consolidate his place in the unjust regime of the Fire Nation. Zuko stands between Zhao and the Avatar’s capture, so no one is surprised when the admiral orchestrates an explosion on Zuko’s ship that supposedly kills the banished prince.

Although Zuko does not emerge unscathed from the ordeal, he is fit enough to infiltrate the Northern Water Tribe and defeat Katara in battle. It’s not impossible for Zuko to survive thanks to his firebending, but it’s a bit convenient how he’s able to escape undetected.

7 Mai and Ty Lee come out unscathed after their betrayalavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 3

Of course Avatar it is marketed as a more light-hearted series, but many characters face the consequences of their actions. Mai and Ty Lee, however, are barely punished by the Fire Nation or the rest of the world. While it makes sense for Team Avatar to forgive former antagonists, given their moral alignment, Azula’s response to the betrayal of her longtime best friends is less realistic.

Azula, especially in the final season, is willing to take down anyone who gets in her way. When Mai betrays Azula to save Zuko, and Ty Lee subsequently betrays Azula to save Mai, the princess is more furious than viewers have ever seen. Although it makes sense to keep the two supporting characters unharmed for a happy ending, the Fire Nation has shown no mercy to traitors before.

6 The arrival of the rude rhinos prevents Aang from being boiled in oilavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 4

In “The Day of the Avatar”, Aang and his friends come across a people who hate the Avatar, specifically Kyoshi, for having murdered their leader Chin the Great. Kyoshi overcomes Aang’s body and explains that he did kill the conqueror, leading the audience to demand that Aang face punishment for his past life.

In a punishment wheel, Aang’s fate is marked as “boiled in oil”, and it doesn’t seem like anyone in the group has an escape plan. However, the protagonist cannot turn into soup, so when the Rough Rhinos enter the scene and threaten to kill the village leader, Aang’s punishment becomes defeating the Fire Nation military unit. It’s not entirely unreal, but this scene is prevents Aang from having to defend himself.

5 Sokka’s brain and sheer luck lead to the invasion planavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 5

Sokka’s idea of ​​Team Avatar attacking the Fire Lord before he has a chance to move first is great, but the team’s course of action relies heavily on the convenience of the plot. Wan Shi Tong’s library is even the last stop on a list of random vacations heroes travel on.

Once there, they accidentally find the information they seek and escape the sinking building just in time. During this arc, the team runs into both misfortune and luck, but this episode sets the plans for season three almost flawlessly.

4 Aang comes to lifeavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 6

In the season two finale, Azula knocks Aang down with a direct lightning bolt while in the Avatar State. Although Aang is left for dead, fans cannot even pretend to care because this series is not the kind that buries its protagonist. Katara uses the spirit water of the Northern Water Tribe to heal Aang, but some fans are unhappy with this transition in season three.

Considering Aang’s revival plot armor is by no means belittling Katara’s abilities. However, it is difficult to cure death. At least, Avatar It shows Aang’s recovery period and is not unaware of the true emotional drain that his “death” has caused him.

3 The Avatar state hasn’t disappearedavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 7

Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender they know that if an Avatar dies in the Avatar State, the cycle ceases to exist (or so they are told). It is debated whether Aang really “dies” in the season two finale, but when the young Airbender struggles to enter this state, fans believe the Avatar cycle has been broken.

In his battle with the Fire Lord, Aang strikes the wound on his back, reawakening the Avatar State and turning the tide of battle. The fact that Aang can access the Avatar State is not the problem in this scene, but the problem for most fans is that Aang reawakens the Avatar State just in time. Of course, this scene is impressive, and the fact that Aang uses all four elements at once to kick Ozai’s ass is pretty radical, but in it feels like a trump card.

2 The Spirit of the Ocean is a Deus Ex Machinaavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 8

The end of the first season is one of the series’ most action-packed arcs, but it also happens when Team Avatar is still freshly formed and learning to master its elements. With a villain as ruthless as Zhao, it seems impossible for the young heroes to be able to save the day and restore the moon.

While Iroh’s theory that Yue can bring the Moon Spirit back to life works immediately, nothing screams more plot convenience than Aang merging with the Ocean Spirit and saving the day without controlling his actions. Spectators realize how many ships are destroyed, but technically it is not Aang directing the spirit, so the Avatar manages to keep his violence count at zero.

1 Aang has the ability to take away Ozai’s flexing abilityavatar the last airbender 10 veces que la armadura de la trama salvo el dia 9

The series finale brings together action, drama, and a purposeful message, but that doesn’t mean that the series’ four-part conclusion is without its flaws. Many fans have pointed out that the decision to include the lion turtle is a bit off the mark. These creatures have not been directly mentioned in the series, and some argue that it conflicts with the concept of origin of Avatar in The legend of Korra.

While Aang learning to bend energy is not an impossible feat for an Avatar of his caliber, it undermines the efforts made in the last season, especially in the later episodes. A large part of Aang’s identity involves his refusal to kill his enemies, which is why this scene seems more like a hidden Option C than a planned conclusion.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender: 10 Times Plot Armor Saved The Day

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