Good End 2021: ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars’ and all products with 50% on Amazon

It’s today, it’s today! Good End 2021 has finally arrived with insane discounts that include collectibles from ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars’ and much more. Do not forget that you will only have from November 10 to 16 to take advantage of these prices.

If there is an event that manages to bring together our taste for movies, series and our addiction to shopping, without a doubt, it is the Good End 2021, which meets all these characteristics; And thanks to its crazy discounts, you can give yourself that saved treat. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Amazon It has special prices, but it runs because you only have from November 10 to 16!

If you’re still new to digital shopping, don’t worry, we’re going to explain what these discount days are all about everywhere you look. What is the Good End? It is a initiative of the Federal Government, where private companies agree to offer their products to the public with striking discounts, in this way economic activity is reactivated.

The Good End 2021 brought endless attractive discounts on Funko Pop! of Marvel characters.

According to a report by Facebook, it is estimated that eight out of ten Mexicans will make at least one purchase in the following categories: clothing and accessories; household appliances, cell phones, smartphones and computer equipment. For this reason, one of the ecommerce platforms that have paid special attention is Amazon, it even created a section called ‘Lightning offers’, where you can find products that have even bigger discounts, although you should consider that these offers end in a matter of minutes, Or, until the merchandise runs out.

Discounts on Amazon for this Good End 2021

Boxset Sandman2,514 pesos

The acclaimed Sandman series intertwines ancient mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. The 14 volumes published by DC Comics are softcover and boxed with a collectible slipcase; And right now, you can acquire them with a 52 percent discount and in payments of up to 18 months without interest.

You can now set aside the Funko Pop! from ‘The Squid Game’ on Amazon

Boxset Harry Potter1,707 pesos

Are you a fan of the magical world of JK Rowling? So this Good End could be the perfect time to acquire this boxset special edition containing the seven books that make up the complete Harry Potter saga. This version is accompanied by a box designed with new illustrations by Kazu Kibuishi and Amazon has it available at 17 percent off!

Funko Pop! Agatha Harkness241 pesos

WandaVision not only did he show us a new scale of the mystical powers of the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), also brought Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), one of the most powerful sorceresses of all time. And Amazon has this Funko Pop! Multicolored with 24 percent off, it’s also among the selection of the best products in the store!

Funko Pop! White Vision223 pesos

Of course we couldn’t put aside the Funko Pop! de White Vision (Paul Bettany), one of the characters who also introduced WandaVision and that, to date, we do not know where he left, so he could return to the MCU at any time. This piece is 30 percent off.

Funko Pop! The Mandalorian584 pesos

The first two seasons of The Mandalorian They were so popular that all kinds of collectibles flooded the market. And for this Good End 2021 you can find this Funko Pop! from This Djarin (Pedro Pascal) posing next to Grogu and his fond crib that levitates. This product is 41 percent off, run because they run out!

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Sony BRAVIA 55 “display18,999 pesos

And what would our favorite movies and series be without a screen of adequate size to see the MCU films like Eternals and as soon as it is available on Disney Plus: Spider-Man: No Way Home; so you could consider this Sony BRAVIA 55 “with Google TV, currently 41 percent off and up to 24 months interest free.

Sony BRAVIA 50 “display 14,999 pesos

Do you have limited space or do you just prefer a lower margin screen? Then the Sony BRAVIA 50 “4K with Google TV could be your best option for this Good End 2021. You can find this product with a 39 percent discount and 24 months without interest in the Amazon store.


The Good End 2021 arrived at the Amazon store with all kinds of discounts, have you already seen the Cap’s shield, blue and white version?

Captain America Marvel Legends Shield2,469 pesos

If MCU collectibles are your thing, then this Captain America shield (Chris Evans) made by Marvel Legends from Hasbro could decorate that little corner of your house that has been empty for so long. This piece is scale 1: 1 with 60 cm in diameter and adjustable straps, so you can pose with him in your next selfies, especially now with his 25 percent discount.

Star Wars corredor vintage1,068 pesos

From a galaxy far, far away comes this vintage racer that reminds us of the scene in the Tantive IV that we saw in Star Wars: A New Hope and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story where Darth Vader (Daniel Naprous) committed one of his most iconic killings in the franchise and it could be yours at 30 percent off.

Deadpool head999 pesos

Are you sick of those lonely afternoons? Then the head Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) could be your best company thanks to its more than 600 sounds and phrases, so the irony of the Mercenary Largemouth will give you that touch of fun that you were looking for so much. This piece was made in collaboration between Marvel and Hasbro and for this Good End it has the surprising 61 percent off.

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Good End 2021: ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars’ and all products with 50% on Amazon

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