‘Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’: this is the first film in the saga

  • The actor who played Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, had not acted before and grew in turn that the character

Although harry potter world became known in 1997, it was not until 2001 that it entered the film world. Warner Bros It was the company that was in charge of buying the rights to the literary saga so that, during 2001 and 2011, it turned it into 8 films with great critical success.

For JK Rowling It was not easy Assign rights to turn his books into movies, but finally agreed only if they followed a set of conditions. Among them were that the movie scenes were faithful to the original story, also stressed that actors were of british origin (although ultimately not all were) especially its protagonists (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma watson) and wanted the actor who played Harry Potter to be, by then, unknown.

Among these conditions were many more, but thanks to these restrictions, JK Rowling knew transfer the magic of his books to the cinema. Today, ‘Harry Potter’ is a family classic and is the second most successful film franchise of all time in terms of financial collections at the box office, surpassing sagas like that of ‘Star Wars‘.


This film directed by Chris Columbus places us, first of all, on the street Privet Drive, where a baby is given to his Muggle uncles (non-magical people) to take care of him until it is time for the young man to enter Hogwarts.

Harry Potter, orphan from an early age, during his 11th year he discovers that he is a Wizard and that his parents were killed by the most powerful dark wizard of all time Lord Voldemort. So, enter the famous and prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and there he meets his best friends Ron Weasley (who you meet on the train Hogwarts Express) and Hermione Granger (with whom she befriends after saving her, along with Ron, from a troll).

During his stay at the school, the famous’Golden Trio‘You will discover what secrets are hidden in Hogwarts, such as that it houses a mysterious object, the Philosopher Stone (stone that produces powers of immortality). During their first year, these three young people will begin to mark their destiny and will have to pass multiple tests: some simple ones (entering a house according to what the Sorting Hat) and others more complicated (enter the Forbidden Forest to find a wounded unicorn). As the young wizard and his best friends go through these many adventures, reveal the mysteries surrounding the theft of the Philosopher’s Stone and Lord Voldemort’s fate, as well as they forge a great and sincere friendship.


Although in the book Harry Potter he is described with eyes the same color as his mother’s (a reference that occurs on multiple occasions) in the movie had them blue and not green as mentioned. This is because Radcliffe had an allergic reaction contact lenses and therefore the idea was scrapped.

Something similar happened with Hermione Granger, who was supposed to wear false teeth (She is described in the book with very striking incisors), but it was not understood so finally JK Rowling decided to withdraw them as well.

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Another curious fact about the actors is that Rupert Grint wanted to be the red-haired friend, he wanted it to such an extent that recorded a video explaining why he was the best candidate to be Ron Weasley. On the other hand, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) had not read the books. Even so when they asked him what was the scene he liked the most about the protagonist of the book, although he could not answer, he mischievously managed to save the situation and make up an excuse. At that moment, it was clear to the casting team that they had their young antagonist.

Finally, Richard Harries (Albus Dumbledore in the first two films) was selected by JK Rowling to play the famous magician, but he rejected it, claiming that he was too old for such a role. This one in the end accepted the offer because his granddaughter ‘threatened’ him saying that he would never speak to him again if he rejected him.

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‘Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’: this is the first film in the saga

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