Quentin Tarantino: “Making ‘Pulp Fiction’ today would be more difficult”

When asked what he thinks will be the fate of cinemas when streaming gains more and more space, especially after the pandemic, he was hopeful. “It is impossible to answer with certainty. I have a movie theater (New Beverly) and since we reopened it there has been an incredible influx of audiences. To the point that I just bought another. Perhaps, in the future, the cinema will become a niche space. It is true that things are changing ”, he admitted.

His latest film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” managed to be released on time, just before the coronavirus forced confinement and theaters were closed. “It came out on time, like a bird that manages to get out of a window a few seconds before it closes,” he graphed. He also spoke about his habit of “rewriting history” in his latest films.

“When I started writing ‘Inglorious Bastards‘I had no intention of doing it, but then at some point it felt like a good idea, ”he said. “Once a journalist, obviously very well trained, asked me why I had put the same ending in two of my films. And I said, ‘If I did it, it means it can be done. After all, it’s my problem, ‘”she added with a laugh.

Contra Griffith

When one of the journalists asked him if, metaphorically, he could remove a film from the map, he replied that it would be “The Birth of a Nation” (1915), by David Wark Griffith. “It is a film that I do not like, racist and responsible for having revived the Ku Klux Klan. If they had brought Griffith to the Nuremberg trials, they would surely have found him guilty, “he said. The speculation surrounding what his 10th film will be seems to never end, thanks in large part to Tarantino’s interview style.

Recently, the filmmaker has spoken about the hypothetical plot of “Kill Bill Vol. 3“He has talked about the delivery of” Star Trek “that has not been made, and has even joked about the possibility of retiring now, ending his film career with” Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. ” In his speech in Rome, when asked if it could be another “Kill Bill”, he replied “Why not?” before adding: “But first I want to do a comedy-western.”

“I’m looking forward to shooting that thing because it’s going to be so much fun. Because I want to shoot it in the style of the spaghetti western, where everyone speaks a different language, “he continued,” The Mexican bandit is Italian, the hero is American, the bad sheriff is German and the girl in the Mexican tavern is Israeli. And everyone speaks a different language. Is amazing”.

Tarantino revealed his most recent project in July, when he announced that he had purchased the Vista Theater in Los Angeles. He plans to schedule first-run 35mm films in this single-screen theater, which has yet to reopen under the director’s ownership. The announcement came shortly after the publication of the adaptation of his novel “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” which reveals the history and future of Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth.

While publicizing the book, Tarantino revealed that he has also written a theatrical version of the 10 Academy Award-nominated film, a story that “is about Italy.” As for “Kill Bill Vol. 3,” he discussed his ideas for the film during a podcast appearance in June. He also considered making a Rambo movie starring Adam Driver.

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Quentin Tarantino: “Making ‘Pulp Fiction’ today would be more difficult”

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