Review Vikings: “The Departed Parts 1 and 2”

Watch out! This review contains spoilers.

The sons of Ragnar have avenged his death, now it is their turn to choose their destiny.

In the last season we saw how Ivar, after a fit of rage, decided to end the life of his brother Sigurd and it was to be understood after he made a fool of him in front of the entire community of warriors after his triumph. I don’t know if it was necessary to kill him, but we know that little by little, the boning’s courage was gained. Although the culprit mentions being completely sorry and says it was an uncontrolled act, it is difficult to believe him due to the great role played by Alex Høgh Andersen and especially due to that withering look. To be honest, if he wants to become a leader, he will have to be able to go all the way to be respected.

Our dear and eloquent Floki, leaves the camp after the death of his beloved Helga. He decided to leave in a boat and aimlessly under the tutelage of the gods, who will choose the fate of one of our favorite characters. Luckily for him, the weather leaves him completely adrift. No wind. The sea is quiet. The best shipbuilder begins to fear a futile demise, one that would not be worthy of a great warrior like him. After being whipped and suffering the acts of nature, after a long dream he finally makes landfall and with the last of his energy, he travels the lands of the unknown until he reaches a beautiful waterfall where a god welcomes him. Asgard, the land of the deities. Hopefully this new episode in his life will lead us to learn more about the legends and fantastic stories that surround Nordic culture.

After the attack, the already rubble of the old house of King Ecbert, receive the visit of a new character, Bishop Heahmund – who seems to have nothing as a clergyman – played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers known for his old character in The Tudors. At least he restores peace and orders to bring back the villagers who managed to fight the battle at the hands of the pagans. Although it is not yet very clear what role he is coming to play, it seems that it will be important and challenging, since he did not find much grace that Prince Aethelwulf received the crown. Speaking of the now king of Wessex and Mercia, he is sheltered on the outskirts of the kingdom, accompanied by Judith and Alfred, the son he had with the former owner of the throne and who suffers from a disease that threatens his death, which allows him receive the message from his father that Northmen have invaded York. Without delay, the survivors and the remaining soldiers set out to meet with the bishop to regain their lands.

The beautiful and imposing Lagertha lies in Kattegat and is proudly visited by the King Herald, who was waiting to enter the red carpet and sit on “his throne”. After obtaining his not so deserved punishment and being rejected to marry the current leader, Beautiful Hair decides to kidnap Astrid and continue with his plan to become regent of Norway at all costs. We will see what happens with this struggle for territories. There will be blood, that’s for sure, although the truth is, the goddess of weapons can hardly be dethroned.

Returning to York, Ivar’s brothers are not at all happy with his ambition to take the leadership of the army, much less with the actions he takes to achieve it. They know that this could lead him to rule and remain under their command for the rest of his life. Nothing less could be expected of Ragnar Lothbrok’s worthy heir, including – watch out for this spoiler! – standing on his own two feet.

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Without much action and blood, something that characterizes this great series, we were able to enjoy a large double chapter and be very clear about the objectives of each of the protagonists of this incredible Nordic story. Excellent start to the season.

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Review Vikings: “The Departed Parts 1 and 2”

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