Selma Blair jumps on her dog to finish service dog training: ‘Scout help me’


Selma Blair wanted everyone to know how much he and his dog had accomplished.

The 49-year-old actress posted several photos with her scout dogs in honor of graduating from training after approximately 18 months.

In the first photo the player wore a white jacket, gray pants and comfortable Uggs. She was standing next to a medium-sized red fox labrador.

Working as a team: About 18 months after the two graduated from training, Selma Blair posted a photo of her standing next to her scout dog.

The Legally Blonde actress captioned the photo, ‘It’s been a year and a half in production, but today my new partner Scout and I graduated! We are now a team of service dogs. Thanks to his trainer Courtney and the entire ervservicedogs_ddg team. The scout helps me with some personal glitches and with my movement. It is an English red fox laboratory and is very talented in its work.

‘He’s very handsome, friendly, but if you look at me and the scout, give us a smile after we’re working (he’s always, like me), but not approachable. The distractions really pushed me back. With the help of this special dog and trainer, I develop stamina and coordination!

“I’m excited to focus right now, sit down, and get out of the house. I am so happy to have it. We will share the news with you as we train. If you see me downstairs, don’t worry, the scout has hidden me. Really really. I wish you all a happy and happy holidays !!!! ‘

Blair needed a scout because, as is well documented, he battled multiple sclerosis for many years.

Captivating caption: star wrote: ‘I’m excited to focus, settle in, and get out of the house right now. I am so glad I received it in so many ways.

Service dogs are trained to follow dozens of commands and can help people with MS with a variety of tasks, including picking up items from the floor and snatching items from shelves and drawers.

Trained dogs can also help open doors, pull wheelchairs, remove clothing, remind patients to take medications, and act as a brace to help protect their owner from falls while standing or walking.

In addition to physical support, service dogs also act as emotional support, knowing how to help comfort the owner when he is having a bad day. Raising dogs is said to release endorphins and reduce stress, which can help comrades ease anxiety.

Main health problems: the player needed a scout because it is well documented that he has beaten multiple sclerosis for many years

The illness left Blair’s left leg completely paralyzed and in 2018 made the star have a difficult time speaking. However, he said he was currently in relief only in August.

“I’m relieved. Stem Cell freed me ”, he said at the event promoting his documentary on the presentation of Selma Player. “It took a year for the swelling and ulcers to really go away after the stem cell.”

He continued: “I was reluctant to talk about this because I felt that it still needed to heal and it still needed to be repaired. I have put some things in my brain throughout my life and you have to tidy up or accept them a little more. It took me a minute to get that acceptance. Not everyone sees it that way. ‘

Key Symptoms: The disease left Blair’s left leg completely paralyzed and in 2018 caused the star to have a hard time speaking.

Despite the diagnosis and the fight against MS, Blair was busy with many aspects of her life.

Hellboy starred in For More, a film about a costume designer who returns home for the first time in many years.

Blair is also the full-time mother of Arthur, ages one to 10, whom she shares with fashion designer Jason Bleek.

Being busy: Despite struggling with the diagnosis and MS, Blair was busy with many aspects of her life, including caring for her son and acting.

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Selma Blair jumps on her dog to finish service dog training: ‘Scout help me’

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