The idea of ​​uniting the Asian Dub Foundation and ‘La Haine’ was a coitus interruptus in Madrid –

Last night at the Cineteca del Matadero in Madrid there was a very unique proposal at the symbolic cost of 4 euros. The idea could not be more attractive: the Asian Dub Foundation were present to perform live their revision of the soundtrack of the cult film ‘La Haine’ (‘Hate’), a revolution that triumphed at the César Awards in 1996 thanks to its dizzying montage and the harshness with which it portrayed the police brutality and violence experienced in the suburbs of Paris in those years.

Impressed by Mathieu Kassovitz’s film, appearing to make a cameo as a skinhead, the Asian Dub Foundation first included a song called ‘Hate‘on their album’ Enemy of the Enemy ‘(2003) and in that decade they reinvented the soundtrack for a show that was later recovered at the Barbican Art Center in London or at the David Bowie’s London Meltdown Festival, and lately they have returned to release on tour. The relevance of the film is truly scary, to the point that for a moment you confuse the mention of Le Pen, father, with one of Le Pen, daughter, at a time when the rise of the extreme right in Europe is news every year. days even in the musical and literary plane.

While the original soundtrack was provided by the hardcore rap collective Assassin, the Asian Dub Foundation adaptation is entirely fitting. The band specialized in dub and reggae has created a music of violent, hurried and ethnic rhythms, very well synchronized and suitable for the 3 immigrant protagonists who suffer street violence and the consequences of marginalization. Especially basses and percussion (and in some moments the electric guitar) mark this show that obviously does not hold for 4 euros or with all the seats sold out in advance, which happened.

However, the stars did not want the montage to go well and from the beginning the sound of the film failed, causing the Asian Dub Foundation to have to interrupt the show after less than 5 minutes. The band excused themselves and so did a person in charge of the room. But after solving the problem, the tape jammed again, leaving the same problem after a few seconds: every time there was dialogue in the film and live music had to be played at the same time, chaos broke out.

After a second interruption it seemed that things were starting to move; but the sound skidded throughout the footage with a lousy equalization that was bordering on dangerous to our ears at the loudest moments live; and it presented severe problems to follow the dialogue of the actors apart from the subtitles. The lack of seats didn’t help either. It occurred to someone that it was a good idea to watch a movie standing up, the entire audience (including Pucho de Vetusta Morla, always so interested in the cultural life of the city) chose to sit on the floor, and that’s when the hernias and protusions of the respectable thirty-something and forty-something began to make a dent, turning the Cineteca into a parade of movement with people getting up, sitting down, stepping on hands and finally deserting that not even the Marx brothers’ cabin. A real shame, as it was one of the most desirable activities, and for less, of recent times. We leave you with a normal pass as compensation. Maybe next time.

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The idea of ​​uniting the Asian Dub Foundation and ‘La Haine’ was a coitus interruptus in Madrid –

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