The Titanic sank, despite what another QAnon conspiracy says

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Madrid, Nov 8 (EFE) .- The Titanic did sink in 1912 and was not replaced by another ship for the fraudulent collection of insurance or the object of sabotage to kill businessmen opposed to the creation of the US Federal Reserve, the Fed, as maintains a theory without historical basis reactivated by the QAnon collective.

EFE Verifica has received a query on its WhatsApp channel about a video broadcast on social networks that states that the Titanic was replaced by another ship, the Olympic, so that its intentional sinking would allow the collection of a safe millionaire, at the same time as the accident it would have allowed banker JP Morgan to eliminate tycoons opposed to the founding of the Fed.

Although this video has recently gone viral in Spain, its content is based on the mixture of old theories that in recent months have been reactivated by the American denial collective QAnon, whose influence has led to its replication in other countries.

Thus, publications with variations on these conjectures have been shared hundreds of times in recent months on social networks in Argentina, Colombia or Brazil.

FACTS: The British ocean liner Titanic sank on the night of April 14, 1912 during its maiden voyage, with no evidence that the incident was the result of an insurance company scam or plot, as historians and verifiers have shown. international

The video broadcast in Spain explaining the theory that the Titanic did not sink in 1912 lasts six minutes and has the Catalan businessman Miguel Celades Rex as presenter.

The argument put forward by Celades Rex is that the Titanic was replaced by another ship, the Olympic, which had significant damage that was not covered by any insurance.

According to this explanation, the montage would include a plot to end the lives of important businessmen -Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus and Jacob Astor- who opposed the creation of the Fed, against the will of JP Morgan, who defended the need to found this institution.

Both theories have been circulating on the internet for years, resurfaced with force on the occasion of the centenary of the sinking of the ocean liner, in 2012, and have a new life again thanks to the denial collective QAnon.


The hypothesis that the White Star Line shipping company, owned by a larger company controlled by JP Morgan, replaced the Titanic with a similar ship damaged months earlier in an accident, the Olympic, to defraud the insurance company was exposed in several books published since 1990s by amateur historian Robin Gardiner.

His claims have been refuted by various researchers, who explain that the differences in the construction and design of the two ships were large enough to make it impossible to change in a short time.

In addition, the impersonation made no practical sense, as there were easier and cheaper ways to fake an accident than to substitute one ship for another and make it cross the Atlantic full of passengers and crew to hit an iceberg and thus collect insurance that did not it would have been enough to deal with the actual damage suffered by the Olympic.

Northern Irish historian Gareth Russell has even called the theory “painfully ridiculous” in his book “The Ship of Dreams: The Sinking of the Titanic and the End of the Edwardian Era.”


When it comes to the conspiracy to facilitate the creation of the Fed, there are documented historical facts that disprove this theory.

Those who defend this speculation point out that JP Morgan avoided traveling on the Titanic as he had planned and that he was thus able to kill Guggenheim, Straus and Astor, who opposed the birth of the Federal Reserve.

However, Morgan had to cancel his trip due to a setback in the shipment of his art collection to New York, according to the biography of the banker signed by Jean Strouse and a book by Brad Matsen on the sinking, both cited in a verification of the The Washington Post newspaper.

Another fact that detracts from the plot theory cited in that article is that Guggenheim didn’t book his trip until after Morgan’s cancellation.

There is also no record of Guggenheim and Astor’s rejection of the founding of the Fed, while Straus had even spoken in favor.

To all this we must add that the presenter of the video broadcast in Spain, Manuel Celades Rex, defines himself as the founder of the Congress of Science and Spirit, whose website disseminates esoteric content and includes well-known misinformers, such as Natalia Prego, from Doctors por la Verdad, a group that rejects the existing scientific evidence on covid-19.

In conclusion, the theories that explain that the sinking of the Titanic was a hoax to fraudulently collect insurance and eliminate entrepreneurs opposed to the founding of the Fed are disproved by documented historical facts. EFE


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The Titanic sank, despite what another QAnon conspiracy says

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