August 3, 2021

Alan Parsons offers online classes


“My days of workaholism are over. I used to do it 18 hours a day, but at my age, at 72, I prefer to stick to normal life. “

Words of the British Alan Parsons, mythical sound engineer behind The Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd, and Abbey Road Y Let it Be, by The Beatles, which open space to imagine him in a quiet life, without hustle or pressure, satisfied with his legacy in the music industry.

Funny just to think about it, because in 10 questions asked to the British he listed projects, albums, tour plans, recordings, online audio engineering courses that he himself teaches, such as the Spanish version that he launched for Mexico of The Basics of Recording and Music Production, available on the portal

Alan, are you sure you no longer live to work?

“In the pandemic I also mixed works by Al Stewart. Now I’m finishing two shows for Alan Parsons Live Project, which I hope you can meet in six months and I spend most of my time teaching online.

“It’s about finding a challenge and having fun at the same time. We have worked with one or two young engineers to find out if the style imparted attracts the attention of the new generation and fortunately there is a good response. So, well yeah, I’m not idle, ”he shared rather curiously.

To his virtual quiet life we ​​must add a recording he made with the Medellín Symphony Orchestra, a most satisfactory experience lately. He underlined it perfectly, apparently his work in Colombia marked him from his first time almost a decade ago and he found the opportunity to repeat a couple of years ago.

He recalled the good relationship sustained with Aleks Syntek and the Argentine Alejandro Lerner, as well as a masterclass given in 2016 with the help of the band Tren a Marte at the Tec de Monterrey.

“Teaching and sharing knowledge with fellow engineers and producers is satisfying, because that’s how I learned to work at Abbey Road. I think that none of us should stay with what we have learned and we have to pass the baton and the techniques to those who come, “he shared.

Alan Parsons maintains the importance of The Beatles for music, he does not deny it. He also does not know if any other band will approach them in the phenomenon and impact that until now they have on all music. He recalls with glee the later work he did with Sir Paul McCartney, stood behind McCartney, and Wild Life, from his time with the Wings.

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour played on their record A Valid Path; and Nick Mason, drummer of the same group, attended a few sessions of their course recently. Roger Waters doesn’t even mention it, yes Steven
Wilson, with whom he made the masterpiece of The Raven That Refused to Sing.

Why wasn’t there that interest in staying together for longer, when you were the creator of tremendous masterpieces? He was asked.

“It happens that the beauty of the recording industry is that it allows you not to get stuck with the same people day after day. It gets more fun and creative when you branch out. For example, I am always open to collaborating with talent that is part of modern pop and with those of my style, so to speak, vintage ones.

“With Steven I learned a lot, I have never heard if he learned anything from me but there is mutual admiration. And with Paul MacCartney, well, we have not seen each other in 15 years, but I confess that we keep in touch via email, “he concluded.

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If you are interested in taking part in Alan Parsons’ production and engineering course, you can enroll here, as it is entirely in Spanish.

  • 26 modules taught in 26 days, totally online
  • Cost: $ 395 (7,900 pesos)
  • A digital audio workstation is required to play a file with 62 tracks, a pair of monitors, and an audio interface and microphone