July 31, 2021

What do Doja Cat fans listen to other than their favorite artist? Spotify reveals the most curious tastes

more than 4 million accumulated minutes

The Spotify platform has made a study with the most curious tastes of users, revealing, for example, that Doja Cat fans mostly listen to whale songs.

The human being is one surprise after another. That must have been someone in the offices of Spotify to raise this study: the most curious tastes of the fans of certain artists. Among many, those of the rapper Doja Cat, who have accumulated more than 66,666 hours of whale songs in 2021 alone.

The results do not cease to amaze. We have learned, for example, that fans of Harry Styles they prefer to listen Watermelon Sugar at night (this seems more or less normal), or that the followers of the Artic Monkeys combine these with Enrique Bunbury above all; and those who listen to Selena Gomez accumulate, eye, more than 400 hours dancing after midnight.

These data have all come from a campaign that the Swedish brand has made, called Only You and that it is based … on astrology. The horoscope strip app And it also tells you what your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign are based on your uses and the artists you listen to.

You can still participate

If you want you can participate in this campaign. You just have to access Spotify through the app and the experience will begin. The same platform explains that it will prepare a series of lists for you:

    1. The Musical Birth Letter, which is what we mentioned before.

    2. The Dream Dinner: By choosing three artists, Spotify will create a mix between them to put it on a special dinner.

    3. Artist Couples: An experience that creates couples that show your range of interests in a particular way.

    4. Your Song of the Year: A section that shows you how you have evolved musically in different periods of time.

    5. Your Moment of the Day: Spotify will prepare lists of music and podcasts adapted to your rhythms according to what you are listening to.

    6. Your Styles and Themes: There is little to explain about it, it is based just on that.

This data is collected over six months … and you have already seen the conclusions that are being reached. Little less than curious. Yes indeed, personalize your experience with Spotify to extremes that you never dreamed of before.