July 31, 2021

Church sings songs by The Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay at a worship service

NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM.- The ministry of adoration and adoration of the Church of Casa de Goiânia (Brazil), directed by the pastor Davi Passamani , surprised thousands of Internet users who saw the church service broadcast on the YouTube channel.

The band that became known in Brazil through the hit “A Casa É Sua”, now mixes ‘profane’ songs in its repertoire.

The service began with the Casa Worship ministry playing an excerpt from the song “Paradise” by the British band Coldplay. Then, they sang ‘Tudo é Teu’ by gospel singer Aline Barros, and ended with ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas.

People who followed the service live were surprised to hear that the ministry was playing Christian ballads and songs together, as if they were the same thing.

One of the vocalists even joked about the situation, yelling, “Prepare to be canceled!” In other words, the choice of profane songs was deliberate and they knew they would be criticized.

It is not the first time that the Casa Worship band and its leaders have become involved in controversies. In 2019, the pastor Davi Passamani sang “É o Amor” by Zezé di Carmargo and Luciano during the service, and was also highly criticized.

Earlier this year, the ministry released a song with singer Wesley Safadão , which is part of Deezer’s Gospel Connection project, in which the platform proposes unprecedented collaborations between musicians of different styles throughout 2021.

It should also be noted that, last year, Pastor Davi Passamani was accused of sexual harassment by veterinarian Gabriela Palhano, who attended the same church. However, the investigation was presented by the courts.

A few months later, the religious leader was denounced by the Public Ministry of the State of Goiás (MP-GO) for the crime of sexual harassment. According to the agency, the case is processed secretly in the 6th Criminal Court of Goiânia, reported the Forte portal.

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