July 31, 2021

What happened on August 27?

On a day like today August 27 from 1955, the “Guinness Book of World Records” compiled by twin students Norris and Ross McWhirter is published for the first time and becomes an instant hit that still lasts. The book was originally owned by Guinness Brewery (hence the name), it is currently owned by (Jim Pattison Group), which is the same company that owns Ripley Entertainment, Inc.The Guinness Book of World Records holds its own record as the most sold from the world.

Years later, the August 27 from 1979, the queen’s second cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten He is killed when IRA terrorists detonate a 50-pound bomb on his fishing boat in Donegal Bay, off the northwest coast of Ireland. Three other people were also killed in the attack. You want to know more? Find out what happened on 27 of August.

What happened on August 27?

Felipe Clemente de Diego

1908: Two bombs explode in the city of Barcelona.
1924: the telephone service of all the Spanish soil is awarded to the Telephone Company of Spain.
1937: the Defense Board of the north of Spain is dissolved, during the Spanish Civil War.
1938: in the framework of the Spanish Civil War, the Supreme Court is again constituted under the presidency of Felipe Clemente de Diego; of the twenty magistrates that made it up, thirteen took up their post again.
1953: a new concordat is signed between the Holy See and the Spanish Government.
1958: Montserrat Tresserras and José Vitos swim across the English Channel.
1992: King Juan Carlos and President González sign the reform of article 13.2 of the Constitution on political participation of foreigners, the first modification of the Spanish Magna Carta.
1997: a group of archaeologists discover in Cantabria one of the largest cave painting friezes in the world, with an estimated 20,000 years old.

In the world

August 27
Thomas Alva Edison

1910: In the United States, Thomas Edison carries out the first demonstration of the kinetoscope, a cinematograph with sound.
1931: the first commercial transatlantic flight takes place.
1931: legal obstacles are removed for the Spanish military to marry.
1939: Germany demands the return of Danzig and the “Polish corridor”.
1939: the first flight of a plane piloted without a propeller is carried out, a German Heinkel 178 that moves with jet engines.
1946: George II returns from his London exile to continue on the Greek throne after a popular plebiscite has been held.
1955– The Guinness Book of Records is published for the first time.
1958: a Soviet satellite returns to Earth after failing to put it into orbit; its crew, two dogs, return safely.
1962: The United States launches the Mariner 2 probe towards Venus.
1965– British music band The Beatles visit Elvis Presley at his Graceland mansion.
1966: French President Charles de Gaulle begins a visit to Ethiopia.
1972: In the United States, President Richard Nixon abolishes compulsory military service.
1972: in San José (Costa Rica) the Saprissa stadium is inaugurated.
1975: in Madrid (Spain) the judicial kidnapping of the weekly newspapers Destino, Posible and Cambio 16 is carried out due to the application of the new anti-terrorist law.
1976: the city of Soweto (South Africa), the apartheid police assassinate sixty black people.
1983: Anti-government riots enter their fourteenth day in Pakistan.
1985In Nigeria, Major General Ibrahim Babangida overthrows President Buhari’s regime in a coup and proclaims himself president.
1987: Hundreds of strikers clash with police in two South Korean cities.
1990: near Dobrnia (Yugoslavia) about 200 miners die in explosion.
1991: President Mikhail Gorbachev urges the 15 republics to preserve the military and economic union.
1997: Iraqi Prime Minister crosses the newly opened border crossing in Tanef, in the first visit of a ministerial chief to Syria in 17 years.
1997: Israel lifts a 28-day blockade, imposed after a series of suicide attacks by Islamic militants in Jerusalem.
1999: Venezuelan legislators climb on a fence that surrounds the capitol in Caracas, in an attempt to occupy the chambers after the institution is practically closed by constitutional order.
2000– A fire breaks out in the Moscow television tower, killing three people.
2003: Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in almost 60,000 years, approaching 55,758,005 km.
2015: In Guatemala, thousands of citizens peacefully demand the resignation of President Otto Pérez Molina for leading a customs fraud organization.

Who was born on August 27?

In Spain

August 27
Carlos Moyà

1943: Luis Rojas Marcos, psychiatrist.
1952: Ramón Colom, journalist.
1959: Jaume Huguet García, footballer.
1970: Gustavo Salmerón, actor.
1972: Patricia Vico, actress.
1974: Carolina Ferre, television presenter.
1975: Mario Gibanel, footballer.
1976: Carlos Moyà, tennis player.
1981: Óscar Pérez Bovela, footballer.
1990: Sergio Cidoncha, footballer.

In the world

August 27
Cesar Millán

1950: Charles Fleischer, American actor.
1952: Paul Reubens, American actor.
1953: Willy DeVille, American singer and songwriter.
1959: Daniela Romo, Mexican singer, actress and host.
1961: Tom Ford, American fashion designer.
1965: Kanji Tsuda, Japanese filmmaker.
1965: Paulo Silas, Brazilian soccer player.
1969: César Millán, American professional dog trainer of Mexican origin.
1969: Chandra Wilson, American actress.
1972: Denise Lewis, British athlete.
1976: Sarah Chalke, Canadian actress.
1976: Mark Webber, Australian Formula One driver.
1979: Aaron Paul, American actor.
1981: Patrick J. Adams, Canadian actor and director.
1988: Alexa Vega, American actress.

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Who died on August 27?

In Spain

August 27
Aurora Baptist

2003: Manuel Avellaneda Gómez, painter.
2007: Emma Penella, actress.
2009: Joaquín Ruiz-Giménez Cortés, professor, politician and lawyer.
2010: Amador Schüller, doctor and university professor.
2011: Heribert Barrera, politician.
2012: Aurora Bautista, actress.
2014: Peret (Pedro Pubill Calaf), singer, guitarist and composer.
2014: Tony Urbano, bassist of the band Leño.
2015: Joan Garriga, Spanish speed motorcycle racer.

In the world

August 27
Le Corbusier

1965: Le Corbusier, Swiss architect
1986: Arturo Godoy, Chilean boxer.
1990: Stevie Ray Vaughan, American blues and jazz musician.
2006: Antón Cañellas, Spanish politician.
2007: Driss Basri, Moroccan politician.
2010: Popy (Diony José López), Venezuelan comedian, presenter and television producer.
2010: Pedro Penzini Fleury, Venezuelan radio host and writer.
2010: Néstor Zavarce, Venezuelan singer and actor.
2011: María Esther Gilio, Uruguayan writer.
2011: Aloysius Matthew Ambrozic, cardenal esloveno.
2011: Stetson Kennedy, American writer and activist.
2011: Gentil Montaña, Colombian classical guitarist and composer.
2013: Jorge Morello, Argentine ecologist.

What is celebrated on August 27?

August 27
Tarazón Festivities

Tarazona festivities.
Broadcasting Day in Argentina.