August 3, 2021

Ed Sheeran detailed the changes he made to lose more than 20 kilos: “I’m really healthy” | Celebrities and Royalty

Regarding Ed Sheeran’s personal life, the last thing that was known – thanks to a publication that he himself made on his Instagram account – was that his daughter Lyra Antarctica had been born, as a result of his relationship with Cherry Seaborn, his wife. That happened in September of last year.

Now, in a recent interview with Radio 1, of the BBC, the interpreter of Shape of you He addressed another intimate topic: the incredible physical change he has undergone since 2017, when he began to change some bad habits that he was used to. From then until now, has lost 22 kilos.

As revealed to the British media, It is the first time that he is really healthy, as his touring routine was damaging his diet and leaving him little time to do any exercise. Therefore, he decided to make a radical change, and it happened just before the pandemic began.

Sheeran, in fact, detailed that used to eat “chicken wings and two bottles of wine every night”, a routine that is totally in the past.

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Breaking habits

In a 2019 interview, the singer commented that he had long since given up beer and cigarettes. On that same occasion, he revealed that Many of the criticisms he received on social networks pointed to his overweight, but that did not make him insecure.

“Probably half of the people who called me fat were also fat,” he noted at the time.

However, the changes did not only come from diet, because Ed Sheeran started training daily and does High Intensity Interval Exercises (known as HIIT). This is based on carrying out intense activity for short periods of time.

After transforming this routine, the artist acknowledged that he was making some of the changes more flexible. “I went back to drinking beer, because I’m fine, but I stopped doing it regularly and I spend my time exercising, which is quite strange for me.”, he concluded.