August 4, 2021

how Madonna celebrated her father’s 90th birthday

Like Taylor Swift, at 62 Madonna She is active on social networks and especially on her Instagram account, where she reveals situations of a personal nature. The last post is dedicated to the true father of the creature.

Reason? Singing him the happy birthday on the occasion of celebrating the 90 years of Don Silvio Ciccone.

What did the Queen of pop It was neither more nor less than sharing with his global parishioners the little party of his almost centennial father. There they were Madonna and her six children. Namely: Lourdes León, 24, Rocco Ritchie (20), David Banda and Mercy James, 15, and the twins Stella and Estere (8).

Madonna and her father, Don Silvio Ciccone. Photo: Instagram

In patota they went to grandfather’s vineyards, which looks serious in one of the photos, with some corners marked by fire like bicycle handlebars. In another of the images you can see a Benetton-style melting pot and the man smiling with his celebrity daughter. In the background, the united family.

Between grapes and smiles

“My father is a survivor who grew up as an Italian immigrant in the United States and went through a lot of trauma, but he always worked hard to get everything he had. He taught me the importance of hard work and making your way in life. Again I thank you“, posted the material girl.

“It was very special to spend your 90th birthday with you and my children in your vineyard,” he added with significant emotion.

Madonna, as a family.  Photo Intsgram.

Madonna, as a family. Photo Intsgram.

Years ago, the relationship between father and daughter was not as calm and serene as recent birthday photographs show.

Don Ciccone – the news, at the time, went around the world – had come out to declare his dislike for the recurrent provocative attitude of his daughter. Called in between, the man pleaded with his daughter to reduce acts of sexual innuendo in public as much as possible.

She recalled the dialogue in an interview: “I always used to tell him: ‘Dad, I’m an artist, I have to express myself, you wouldn’t understand‘. The situation was like: ‘Do you have to pretend you’re masturbating? It’s really necessary? ‘Yes dad, I have to pretend’ “, he reproduced before the magazine V Magazine.

The flowery dress that Madonna wore in "Avoid" It will be auctioned between June 11 and 13.  AFP photo

The flowered dress that Madonna wore in “Evita” will be auctioned between June 11-13. AFP photo

Madonna, like the gallagher brothers, he manages to make the news at least once a week. She recently made headlines for the succulent sum of money she paid for her new mansion.

It seems that in his sixth decade It was time for him to enjoy the fortune obtained during more than 40 years of career – fortune valued at $ 570 million– and it was learned that as soon as she was invited to the mansion of The Weeknd, his Canadian colleague, was flashed and there he just asked for a quote.

The singer did not take long to hang up the poster of On sale about his paradisiacal palace located in Hidden Hills, California, and Madonna said something like, “That will be my new home.”

After fighting over the price and getting a sizable discount of a couple of million, Madonna bought – for almost 20 million greens– the luxurious property of your friend and colleague.

In other words, Madonna will live in a place with 11 bathrooms, nine rooms, two guest houses, a swimming pool, a basketball court and a green space that has nothing to envy to Avellaneda Park.