July 31, 2021

Mumford and Sons – April 27, 2019 (Palau Sant Jordi – Barcelona)

The British Mumford and Sons They returned to Barcelona 6 years after their last visit as part of the world tour to present their recent album Delta (2018). Much has changed for the band since then, which has gradually shifting from indie folk from his early works to a more commercial and massive side that sometimes flirts excessively with pop, thus forgetting little by little the basses and percussions “brand of the house” of its beginnings.

And the concert on Saturday in Barcelona was a perfect reflection of that “evolution” that has led them to be the headliners of the main festivals around the world .. From a simple stage located in the center of the track where The only thing that stood out was careful lighting and a pair of microphones placed symmetrically so that Marcus Mumford Y Winston Marshall could delight both sides of a raving crowd, the London band started his concert like a steamroller hand in hand with the hit that is currently playing on the radio, “Guiding Light“and three great classics from his discography such as”Little Lion Man“, “Holland Road” Y “The Cave“At first it sounds like a winning bet, but to our misfortune the terrible sound of the room with the bass reverberated everywhere, they made the banjo chords or the bass drum of Marcus in “The Cave“They will knock down what could have been a tremendous start that was simply a kind of massive karaoke chorus.

Beloved“It served to relax the atmosphere for a few intermediate measures quite dispensable in which they fell”Lover of the Night“, “Tompkins Square Park” Y “Believe“, to raise the show again with the accelerated”Ditmas“, in which Marcus first he got on the stands to walk through a large part of the Sant Jordi tribune singing the hypnotic chorus “This is all I ever was, This is all you came across those years ago”, To later crowdsurf on the track to get to the stage. The festive atmosphere and the asyncopated rhythms of drums and piano would elevate the rhythm of a “Slip Away“which in its album version does not have as much force, while”Darkness Visible” It served to show his more progressive side of the band, and who knows if his nearest future based on a supposed maturity ..

Mumford and Sons - Lowlands 2017

Mumford and Sons, Lowlands Festival 2017 08/20/2017 – Photo by Victor Ramos in order to Indieophile©

After congratulating FC. Barcelona for their recently won league title, the band in unison would gather in the center of the stage to start the encores to sing acoustic “Cold Arms” Y “Forever“, joining shortly after the opening act Gang Of Youths to make a version of “Blood“of the Australians The Middle East. With the public already involved in the dynamics of the concert, it would be the moment of the final apotheosis of the hand of two of his best-known songs, “Awake My Soul“and especially”I Will Wait“, with which Sant Jordi went crazy with jumps from the track and guitars from the stage. It did not matter that the last song of the night was”Delta“, since the concert had ended 5 minutes before. So, and Despite the undeniable downturn of some of their recent songs, Mumford And Sons demonstrated why they are a band with great venues by choosing an effective setlist in which, unfortunately for those of us who long for their first albums, they no longer pay so much attention to banjos. and the double basses.. The stage skills of the 4 members have grown exponentially and that is greatly appreciated for the closeness they gave off at all times. with an audience that gives the impression of adoring them present the proposal they present.