August 4, 2021

she had three suicide attempts, she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital before she was 15 years old and today, recovered, she dedicates herself to music like her father – Para Ti

Paris Jackson was even before she was born, one of the most famous people in the world: she was the second daughter of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Her life has always been public, forcing her – like her brothers – to get used to the immense media exposure, the fruit of his father’s career and extravagant life.

Michael, Paris and “Blanket” celebrating a birthday. Photo: IG

When the singer died in 2009, she was only 11 years old, and had to deal with many mental health problems. The impact of losing her father – who was the one who cared for her and her brothers – was joined by a sexual assault by a stranger that plunged her young into a strong depression.

The three sons of Michael Jackson portrayed in childhood. Photo: IG

“When you see a child grow up in the public eye, you do not take it seriously and people do not realize, when criticizing me, that I am a human being,” he says, trying to explain the painful moments that he must have gone through for fame and exposure of his father, commented Paris in “Without filter”, a documentary (released last year) that portrays part of his life in which he gives an account of the difficulties that she had to face in order to build her own path being “the daughter of”, with a life invaded by scandals and fame.

At the beginning of the documentary, Paris appears crying during her father’s funeral when she was just 11 years old. “I wanted to share and say that since I was born, dad has been the best father anyone can imagine. I love him very much, “he says.

Photo: IG

The film also deals with reflecting the drama that Paris meant to go through adolescence without her father, adding another painful stage in which addictions and depression were not lacking.

Photo: IG

These 11 years have been hell, because people found it fun to ruin my life. I do not want to continue being a slave to my pain, “she said, exposing her truth.” You see a girl grow up before public opinion and they forget that I am human, “she added, also highlighting how important the support she received from some people was. , during all these years.

Modeling is another of her passions. Photo: IG

When he was 13 years old, his situation worsened when he developed a drug addiction, which ended in three suicide attempts. So her family sent her to a therapeutic center. “They went several times, only one came to light […]. I hated myself, I had very low self-esteem, I thought that I could not do anything well and that I did not deserve to live, “she explained then to Rolling Stone magazine.

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“I was crazy. I was going through a lot as a teenager, a lot of anguish. And I also had to deal with my depression and anxiety without any help, “he added. With the suicide attempt being made public, Jackson admitted it was a turning point and convinced herself to attend an intern center and therapy. In addition to her depression and addictions, she also confessed that she had been sexually assaulted by “a complete stranger” much older than her when she was a teenager. “I don’t want to go into too much detail. But it wasn’t a good experience at all, and it was very difficult for me, and at the time, I didn’t tell anyone.”

Paris with his ex to whom he would have dedicated one of the songs from his first album. Photo: IG

Four years later, Paris reappeared in public life after overcoming all its problems. And in 2018 she began her career as a model, carrying out important campaigns, such as the one she did for Calvin Klein. He also paraded on catwalks and gave himself the pleasure of working in film.

But in 2019 the young woman directed her career to follow in the footsteps of her father: she debuted as a solo singer, releasing her first album, “Wilted” with which she ended the saddest stage of her life, marked by a sentimental break, several frustrated suicide attempts, addictions and having to face criticism against his father, which was reactivated with the premiere of the controversial documentary “Living Neverland”, in 2019.

“I’m quite excited about this,” declared Paris when she released “Let Down”, her first single, with a style between funk and pop. His lyrics address what many consider a personal experience when talking about a sentimental break (although it was not confirmed by her) with the musician Gabrielle Glenn, they had ended their two-year relationship. Before him, Paris had well-known romances with drummer Michael Snoddy, actor Tom Kilbey, and model Cara Delevingne.

According to the publication Page Six, a source close to the young woman attributes her mental and physical recovery thanks to her strong desire to create music and continue her father’s legacy to her brother Prince Michael, only a year older than her. “He has realized that he cannot fulfill his father’s dream of making this world a better place if he does not take the initiative,” he said. Prince Michael appears as executive producer of his first album and family sources assure the US portal that it is only “one of his many artistic endeavors.”

This is how he announced weeks ago the launch of his latest song, “Low key in love”, with the band The Struts. Photo: IG

Paris is also the most affected by the accusations against his father that he abused minors. However, Paris always defended his innocence and close sources say he did not see the documentary. “He thinks he was the best father and is very defensive about him,” he told People a friend.

Both she and her older brother, Prince, are the children of the singer and Debbie Rowe, a nurse with whom he was married between 1996 and 1999 and who recently confessed that he never had sexual relations with the artist and that the conception of their children was through a artificial method.

Regarding the weight that Michael’s figure represents in his career (due to constant criticism and comparisons) he said: “I’m afraid of living being a shadow”he commented. “They say that time heals, but it doesn’t. You just get used to it. I lost the only thing that has been important to me, so nothing can be as bad as that.”

In addition, the young woman openly expressed details of her intimate life: “I do not feel that there is a label that fits my sexuality”, explains Paris while admitting that she does not consider herself bisexual because for her“the gender of the other person does not matter when it comes to falling in love. For me it has nothing to do with what is in your pants. I have dated a man who had a vagina“, he assures, and admits that he has always thought that” I would end up marrying a woman “, because he had relationships with girls than with boys.

Apparently her growing career and the love and support of her siblings have helped her get through the most difficult stage of her life. And, also, staying active and fighting for causes that really motivate her. Paris runs an organization that was inherited by her godmother, the iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor, is dedicated to the fight against HIV and sexual awareness, a task that she faces with enthusiasm.

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