August 3, 2021

Etta James y Muddy Waters

Scene 1

  • You haven’t said a word the whole trip. You are like absent.
  • Sorry, Sira. I was thinking that, perhaps, I have taken this of the solar panels as something too personal.
  • It is possible, yes.
  • And, seeing the interest shown by the councilors in the last plenary session …
  • It would be spring …
  • Yes. The fact is that I have decided to let myself go and that whatever it has to be, let it be.
  • I think it’s a good idea.
  • It’s not that I don’t care what happens, but this is affecting me more than usual.
    It’s late, are you staying for dinner?
  • If I stay for dinner, I won’t be there before curfew …
  • Stay to sleep, then.
  • Are you screwing at me?

Scene 2

  • Let’s see … do you like shitake?
  • Adoro el shitake…
  • Well, no more talking: I sauté them with leek and Italian pepper.
  • Help something?
  • Sit quietly on the sofa. It takes nothing and less.
  • … I don’t like that you have to cook …
  • Oh! Do not worry! It relax me a lot.
  • How beautiful the field was today, with the rain, right?
  • The smell of wet earth is one of my favorite smells.
  • And mine!
  • That aroma, along with that of freshly cut grass … both are irresistible.
  • Yes…
  • Do we put on music?
  • Sure!
  • Do you still like soul? I got an Etta James single last month and haven’t been able to hear it yet.
  • Single? On vinyl? You are amazing, mayor! Do you still buy vinyl?
  • Yes. I still enjoy the toasty sound of the groove.
  • I always liked how romantic you are.
  • That oil smells good!
  • It is from the earth …
  • Noticeable.
  • So do you want us to release the album?
  • Sure! I can’t think of a better occasion or better company!
  • “At last”… I always liked this song. It’s magic.
  • And me. You know? I remember that when we had that place, those Easter, you spent hours putting Etta’s tape on Juanjo’s radio cassette. Every time I listen to this song, it comes to my memory that time I stole a kiss from you and you turned red as a tomato.
  • And you took me by the chin, you looked me in the eye and …
  • … and time stopped. The clouds stopped their cadent drizzle and all the universes focused on your gaze.
  • … an aleph, you said …
  • … An aleph.
  • Nobody ever told me something so special. I was very embarrassed. It was beautiful.
  • Then they all arrived and …
  • Would you like us to uncork the wine that Jesus has given us?
  • Of course. I have left it in the cellar, so that it is at the ideal temperature.
  • Am I going to get the drinks?
  • They are on the furniture in the living room.
  • That stir fry smells of blessed glory.

And, as Sira walks her steps towards the door that separates the living room from the kitchen, the mayor takes her hand and, with a tender gesture, invites her to dance.

Scene 3

The specks of dust perform a thousand pirouettes on the sunlight, filtered through the numerous punctures of the shutter of the mayor’s room. Sira has just woken up and, despite being still sleepy, is aware that she is alone in bed.

He gets up, hardly making a sound and goes to the door. Smell the pajamas you are wearing, close your eyes and inhale to enjoy the almost neutral fragrance of the fabric. Think how courteous your host has been lending you it for the night. Smile.

Just at that moment, the figure of the first mayor is drawn, under the door frame, with a tray that he holds with both hands.

  • Good Morning. I wake?
  • Nerd. Good Morning. I just opened my eyes and got up.
  • I have prepared your breakfast, if you allow me …
  • Of course! It’s always nice for someone to go to such trouble …
  • They are not annoyances at all. As I did not know what you usually drink, I have made coffee, juice, I have brought rice milk, cookies, cereals, toast …
  • Wow! Continental breakfast at the mayor’s house! I love how you pamper me… I can end up getting used to it.
  • I wouldn’t mind either. I just needed to make you a couple of fried eggs and bacon.
  • It’s just what I was going to ask you… just kidding! LOL
  • Goodness! I was already getting nervous.
  • Seriously, thank you very much. You are a sweetheart.
  • You deserve no less.
  • We had breakfast?
  • Yeah right. I have coffee in the kitchen.
  • Let’s go to the kitchen then.
  • For years, while having breakfast, I have listened to a great song to start the day on the right foot.
  • A very good habit!
  • Do you want to choose it?
  • ¡Oh, genial!
  • We have similar tastes, right? Surely what you decide is the best option.
  • I hope to be up to the task … I think I’m somewhat untrained.
  • Look, we can do one thing: tomorrow, April 30, is the anniversary of the death of Muddy Waters. What do you think if you choose one of his songs?
  • Perfect! … let’s see what I think …
  • Come on, Mermaid! No need to think about it so much! Ha ha ha!
  • Oh! Don’t call me by my name, you wicked! You know I abbreviate it because I’m dying of shame when they call me that! Ha ha ha!
  • It’s a lovely name. It also hits you …
  • Hey, thanks for being so respectful to me tonight. You’re a gentleman.
  • Thank you for not allowing me to sleep on the sofa, graceful maid.

Scene 4

  • Good morning, Mr. Mayor.
  • Good morning, Avelino.
  • How was it with Miss Sira?
  • She is charming and also has an exquisite taste in music.

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