August 3, 2021

George Clooney: “The 60s are scary, but they are not so bad, are they?” | People

George Clooney reaches 60 in his style: with humor. “It’s better than being dead,” he answered in an interview while another reporter was told that “the 60’s are scary but they’re not so bad, right?” All this accompanied by his usual smile, which he placed twice on the cover of the magazine People as the most attractive man of the year. “Let’s say I did not want to continue showing my face at 60. Well, I said that before but now I will say at 65,” he adds with humor to this newspaper. It is a speech similar to the one proclaimed by this heartthrob, actor, director, producer, screenwriter, businessman, activist and philanthropist when he turned 50. Then he seemed to have it all, the physique, the career, the fame, the money. Even a pig, Max, that pet that after 18 years together he described as the longest relationship of his life.

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Yet in this past decade alone, Clooney has felt complete. “Now I have twins. God’s punishment for how much I joked with the idea of ​​having children, ”he says while drooling over the teleconference talking about his family, his children Ella and Alexander, who are four years old this year, and his wife Amal Alamuddin, whom he married in 2014. It was she who transformed the best example of singleness in Hollywood. As he usually summarizes, he is a “happy and blessed” man for these seven years of marriage in which they have never spent more than three or four days apart despite their complicated work schedules. “I don’t even want to imagine my daughter admiring her mother, comparing herself to this incredibly bright woman as an example,” Clooney gloats as he adds that Alex is much more like him. “He has the advantage that since I am much older, by the time they want to compare him to me, I will be in the 70s and there will be no fights.”

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After months secluded with his family in his home in Los Angeles, where he made his latest feature film, Midnight skyWhile changing diapers, cutting hair or cooking for the twins, Clooney is ready to celebrate his birthday with friends this Thursday, but also wisely. Her son is asthmatic and his parents, who live in Kentucky, are older and even with the vaccine want to take extreme precautions. Furthermore, the two-time Oscar winner, as an actor and as a producer, is el pupas. It has become common to talk to him about (high) cholesterol, arthritis (first ailments), motorcycle accidents (he no longer drives) and other operations. “Isn’t it wonderful to get older?” There is also pain, quite a bit, since an accident during the filming of Syriana (2005) caused a spinal cord injury that briefly made him consider suicide. Everything that followed would have been lost. “That really is ending the conversation. That is why I am no longer interested in talking about it and I prefer to continue enjoying life and enjoying the good times ”.

Among them are his first work in E/R, not to be confused with the series Emergency Room (Urgencias, in Spain) which he also gratefully remembers as his moment of fame. Out of Sight (A Very Dangerous Romance), Three Kings Y O Brother!, in addition to Good night and good luck are among his best cinematic moments. Even Batman y Robin, his most criticized film, he remembers it fondly: “It taught me how important a good script is.”

But after reaching the age of 60, he does not have much intention of continuing to show his face. He doesn’t want to be the third grandfather from the left. “My aunt was a very famous singer, Rosemary Clooney. Over time she did not stop being a great singer. Tastes changed ”. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him. Now there are other things that get him out of bed at seven in the morning such as his children or his foundation, the one he created in 2016 with his wife and to which he dedicates 30% of his time. He is aware that at 65 there are many who are thinking about retirement, but it will not be him. “I feel like a very lucky person. But luck is something interesting that can be shared and it makes you a better person ”, he sums up. He’s probably going to celebrate it with those friends who helped him be who he is and to whom he gave a million dollars each eight years ago. Hard to top something like this this birthday.