July 31, 2021

HABLANDO DE DISCOS Barry Manilow 2014: Night Songs & my dream duets

It has not been enough for him to sell almost 90 million copies of his albums worldwide: 32 studio albums, 8 live, 12 compilations and 4 soundtracks in addition to producing albums for Bette Midler, Dionne Warwick, Nancy Wilson and Diane Schuur among others. since his debut in 1973. Nor was he satisfied with winning Grammys, Emmys, a Tony, and an Oscar nomination (for Ready to take a chance again, the theme of the film Foul Play) in addition to touring around the world and great shows in Las Vegas. He has lived without stopping, without pauses, without rest.

The singer, composer, arranger, pianist, producer and also actor Barry Manilow (Brooklyn NYC 1943) has released two albums this year! One was not enough and I assure you it was because of its quality. If the record companies release two, it is because it is a double business and profit for all.

At the beginning of this 2014 he released “Night Songs” a beautiful piano CD only interpreting great North American standards, a jewel. The album exudes good taste and sensitivity; I recommend listening to it with a glass of wine. Now Verve Records, his new label, with the great David Foster at the helm, has just put “My Dream Duets” on the market. eleven Manilow duets with deceased artists in a show of technology, passion, hard work and using a new voice separation technique called ADX Technology.

The new arrangements, the music production and the sound of the CD are impeccable. I must be honest; When I found out months ago that this album would “be released” I asked myself: Another duet album? You’ve edited one before. Why not new stuff? When I listened to it, I was fascinated by the discovery of an album that I will enjoy many times between emotions and sentimental tessibilities without parallel. Barry has the ability, when it comes to homesickness, to squeeze your heart out.

Mr. Manilow shares his increasingly honest and dedicated voice with those of Whitney Houston, Judy Garland, Dusty Springfield, John Denver, Sammy Davis Jr, Jimmy Durante, Andy Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Cass Elliot (Mama Cass from the quartet The Mamas & the Papas), Louis Armstrong, and Frankie Lymon the inspirer of Michael Jackson. The selection couldn’t have been better or more tailored to your current timbre, style and musical interests.

The album conceived and arranged by Manilow, orchestrated by Doug Walter and produced by Barry and David Benson, is surprising on the first listen and overwhelming on the second and subsequent ones.

I have had the privilege of seeing, hearing and personally meeting Barry Manilow seven times in Mexico and the USA since 1995 and now I just hope that fortune brings me again the opportunity to hear “My Dream Duets” live; I want to check, although I imagine it, how it will do it.

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Amaury and Barry Manilow in 1995

Amaury and Barry Manilow in 1995.