August 4, 2021

On radio, the web or live, they opt for music that sounds like the ’80s

The house of Jaime Niederer and Adriana Fernández, in Lomas de Zamora, is the temple of vinyl.

Since 2012 they have been doing a radio program – “Noche de vinilos” – that they broadcast online and have listeners not only in Argentina.

But that is not important. The important thing is that the music comes only from vinyl records. The themes of the 70s, 80s and 90s that happen in his program, the audios of vinyl records that can be heard on their website and any music that plays in that house where a CD is a freak and Spotify… What are you talking about?

In 2016, in addition to doing radio, they started working at parties.

“We do everything from home and with the main objective of keeping alive the radio format from before, where vinyl used to be used, in order to continue transmitting that magic and that the listener continues to identify its very particular sound,” explains Jaime. “It’s like going back to the past,” he adds.

In the temple of Jaime and Adriana, the religion is of black plastic, round, with a small hole in the center. “They sound better,” he says, hands down.

It also ensures that can be kept for several years as long as they fight the only disadvantage they have: fragility. “We take great care of them. Handling, having a good pick, keeping them away from moisture and heat, clean from dust and well stored in their envelopes is essential ”, he explains.

vinyl nights

vinyl nights

Obsession is not cheap. Most of their records are brought from abroad, at a value between 4,000 and 8,000 pesos. The complete equipment is also very expensive. “The tray is around 130 thousand pesos and you need two, plus a mixer or a console that goes for 40 thousand”, says he, the DJ of the duo.

Faithful clients of Todelec -a well-known “Casa del Disc Jockey” in Lomas-, there Enrique Angélica obtains them difficult vinyls from memorable times: records by Madonna, Roxette, Depeche Mode or The Police, to name a few, which were sold in the 80s. by the hundreds of thousands and now they are adventurers’ gold.

“People ask us for everything, from national rock bands like Virus, Soda Stereo o Sumo, even slow themes of Scorpions, Europe o Madonna. We particularly go crazy songs to dance: Funkytown, Último tren a Londres, Message in a bottle, Like a virgin, What is love, Enjoy the silence and many more, but those are unavoidable ”, Adriana lists, mixing titles in English and Spanish, as befits the times. The favorite: Eyes without a faceby Billy Idol. Should I have said “Eyes without a face”?

DJ: it all has to do with vinyl.

DJ: it all has to do with vinyl.

“In general, we use the vinyls that at the time were known as ‘maxi’, which have only one song, the hit. Those are the ones that are best listened to because by bringing a single song, the track contains a more enveloping sound ”, explains Jaime.

It says that what is made in Europe or the United States generally has better audio quality. And it brings a piece of information: The Cure, The Clash, Devo, B52 and Madonna are among the best sounding.

Why the program? “I always liked the radio. When I was 16 years old through an acquaintance of my father, I entered as an operator apprentice in a radio station in Montevideo and in this way they taught me behind the scenes. When I came to live in Buenos Aires Aires I got to know what FM was and I began to connect with the whole world ”, recalls Jaime.

Sometimes the requests are unusual, but they have everything.

Sometimes the requests are unusual, but they have everything.

In 2012 he made his first streaming broadcast. “I was perfecting myself on the subject until I was able to create a paid streaming system by setting up a website ( with a multimedia platform where listeners today can listen to or download our app for their cell phones anywhere in the world. world, “he says.

The success of his program surprised him as it crossed the borders of the country to get to Mexico.

“One day Guillermo Germán Burgos Rivero, from ABR online radio, and Jose Ruben Bautista, from Maldeorines Radio, contacted us and both asked us for permission to broadcast the programs live. Being an online radio station, we have the opportunity to reach many places such as Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Spain, the United States, Puerto Rico and of course Argentina ”, he explains.

Adriana driving, while Jaime takes care of the trays.

Adriana driving, while Jaime takes care of the trays.

With the enthusiasm that was generated among all the listeners, the couple said that they began to receive requests for events and shows. In 2016 they had their first party at the Club Atletico Llavallol, turning the club room into a bowling alley with a mirrored ball, DJs and speakers that only broadcast music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. For an event they can carry more than 400 records.

“Today we stopped organizing parties for the pandemic. It took us by surprise and affected us, but we bet more on the online radio broadcast format with Noches de Vinilos (hosted by Adriana), with 100% national music and interviews with emerging bands, and Onda Retro (hosted by Jaime, Dj Jay ), the two programs are broadcast live on 94.9 FM, Llavallol’s radio station. Meanwhile, we hope that soon we can listen to and dance together all these milestones ”, he concludes.