July 31, 2021

Wendell Pierce to star in BB King biopic

We live in an age where films based on the lives of the most important and influential musicians in history are a real success.. The perfect example is in Bohemian Rhapsody Y Rocketman, which in their own way told the most important facts about Freddie Mercury and Elton John respectively. That is why in Hollywood they are encouraging to produce more films of this style, and among them we have one about BB King.

RIley Ben King –As it was actually called– he was one of the greatest musicians that ever livedNot for nothing did he earn the nickname ‘King of the Blues’. In addition to being a singer with a deep and powerful tone, he rose to fame for his spectacular technique when hanging his famous Lucille guitar, developing different techniques such as vibrato, but above all his greatest legacy was to introduce a sophisticated style of solos full of feeling.

BB King giving his 10 thousand concert / Photo: Getty


BB King’s life would hit the big screen

BB King is basically a pillar for great figures within the industry, That is why no one would be surprised if his life was as interesting as taking it to the big screen. Since he died in 2015 there was talk of this possibility, however, five years later we finally have news about it and even the person who could bring it to life in the cinema, the very Wendell Pierce.

In accordance with Collider, the actor we have seen in series like The Wire, Jack Ryan, Suits Y Treme would be who the iconic bluesman guitar would be hung on a tape called The Thrill is On. And it’s not just a simple rumor, because Wendell himself spoke about it on his Twitter account, making the news official.

The Thrill is Gone: Wendell Pierce to star in BB King biopic

Wendell Pierce en la premiere de ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’/ Foto: Getty

“Preparations have begun for a movie in which I will have the honor of playing the great BB King. With humiliation. I promised BB King before he died that I would honor him and his creative genius. An American icon ”, Wendell Pierce said announcing it to all his fans.

For now nothing else is known about it, the only thing the same Pierce mentioned was that in the production of the film would be Michael Zanetas, but just that. While we wait for you to release more details about this project that is undoubtedly necessary to honor a true music legend, Let’s remember the great BB King with one of the songs he managed to popularize, “The Thrill Is Gone”: