July 31, 2021

Kate Bush clarifies, 3 years later, that she is neither a fan of Theresa May nor of the “tories” – jenesaispop.com

Kate Bush has not generated much news in recent times, but the little that she has generated has given rise to talk. In 2014 he announced his first concerts in 35 years, grouped in the residence ‘Before the Dawn’ that could be seen exclusively at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, and in 2016 he made controversial statements to a Canadian magazine about Prime Minister Theresa May. Specifically, he said it was “wonderful” and “the best” that had happened to the United Kingdom “in a long time”, noting that it seemed “great to have a woman in charge of our country”.

Bush’s statements about Theresa May led many people to think that she was a “Tory” (a follower of the Conservative Party) and the author of ‘Wuthering Heights’ wanted to clarify, in view of the fact that these words are circulating on the internet again, that he is not and that his words were “taken out of context.” In a statement posted on his website, Bush regrets that these statements obfuscated the publication of his live album ‘Before the Dawn’, which he says was “enormously frustrating”, and recalls that at first, her close friends and her They decided not to answer the controversy so as not to continue adding fuel to the fire.

The artist explains: “Over the years I have avoided making statements about politics in interviews. The intention of my response to this journalist was not political but in defense of women in power. At the time I felt like he was speaking very negatively about powerful women, referring to Hilary Clinton and a witch hunt. In response to that I said that in the UK we have a woman in charge of our country, and that seemed like a good thing to me. I should have been clearer when I said that [Theresa May] It was the best thing that had happened to us in a long time, because at that time I was very upset with the behavior of the previous Prime Minister. [David Cameron], who at that moment felt that he had abandoned us. Again, without a response on my part to this controversy, it seems that I am a follower of the “Tories” and I want to clarify that I am not “.

We leave you with one of Bush’s most recent singles, ‘Lake Tahoe’, included in what is his last studio album so far, ’50 Words for Snow ‘.