August 3, 2021

This is how Freddie Mercury wrote his tribute to Elvis Presley

In 1979, two years after the death of Elvis Presley at the age of 42, the group Queen released the song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, which its vocalist Freddie Mercurý wrote as a tribute to the so-called “king of rock and roll. ”.

The song has become one of the major emblems in Queen’s discography and according to Roger Taylor and Brian May, it took Mercury only ten minutes in a bathtub to write, revealing the song’s curious origins in his series. for YouTube “Queen The Greatest”, in which they analyze some of the most important moments of the band.

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Brian May notes that the band members were looking for a way to change their recording process after releasing seven albums by doing “a very forgiving thing to go into the studio with no ideas, or very few ideas and do it from scratch.”

“The first thing we did was ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love,’ and Fred wrote the song in the bathtub in about 10 minutes,” said Roger Taylor. May remarked on Mercury’s great love for Elvis’s music, noting that by the time he presented the lyrics to the rest of the group, the song was practically finished.

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“And I think the sound that Mack (Reinhold, sound engineer) was engineering himself to come up with, these real, very elementary, ambient sounds in the studio made a big contribution. It sounds very authentic, everything about it is like the original sound of rock and roll, “commented Brian May.

Upon its release, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was the first Queen song to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. In addition to being number two on the Official Singles Sold in the United Kingdom chart, To this day it remains one of the most recognizable melodies of the group.