August 1, 2021

Pete Townshend doesn’t know when there will be a new Who album

Pete Townshend, guitarist for the acclaimed rock group “The Who,” has stated that he is reluctant to make a new album due to the “old-fashioned” way in which he and the other members of the group work. These statements come after Roger Daltrey, leader of the group, assured that “there is no longer a market for albums,” so he presented similar doubts regarding recording new music.

In a recent chat with Guitar Player magazine (via Contact Music), Pete Townshend commented: “Regarding a new album, it takes a long time to put together the 20 or 30 songs we need so that Roger and I and any producer can work choosing the ones that fit the material ”.

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Townshend notes that by writing songs and releasing them two years later, he just hopes they can be in tune as the “humor of the moment.” “A lot of artists now write songs at home, record them at home, and then release them in a matter of weeks,” he said.

But our process is outdated, and it takes a long time. So I don’t know, but I am optimistic. And certainly full of ideas.

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In February, Pete Townshend noted that he had many pages written of draft lyrics for a potential new album by The Who, which could be released after the lockdown due to the pandemic, ensuring that he will begin working on this music when “the moment I arrived”.

The Who released their last studio album in 2019, which featured the title “WHO.” After the rise in coronavirus cases around the world, the group recently canceled the tour that they had scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom and Ireland.