July 31, 2021

The truth behind the title of the Oasis song “Wonderwall” – Rock & Pop

The british band Oasis it marked a musical era in the late 90’s. “Wonderwall” would be one of the Gallagher brothers’ most successful songs.

In the recent series premiered on Netflix “This is Pop” , specifically in the fifth chapter entitled “Long live British pop!” they talk about the Britpop phenomenon.

In addition to showing the rivalry between the bands Blur and Oasis for the British musical hegemony; the episode reveals the reason why “Wonderwall” receives that name.

In 1994 Blur, would win one of the first contests with the hit album “Parklife”, then in 1995 with “Country House” they would consolidate their triumph; Nevertheless, 2 months later Oasis would publish the single Wonderwall from his album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, which is currently one of the most remembered and applauded songs of the British band.

What is the name Wonderwall?

-Eye! Spoiler alert-

The song reads the verses

“I said maybe

You’re gonna be the one that saves me

And after all

You’re my wonderwall”  (Oasis, Wonderwall)

In the series “This is Pop” audiovisual material of the band is shown, where Noel Gallagher comments that his last verse “And after all, you’re my (…) but a word was missing, something was missing from the lyrics” he says the vocalist and frontman of Oasis.

Also Noel, said that one night he was listening to the album Wonderwall Music de George Harrison, Y It was at that moment that everything fell into place. Gallagher added in the episode “That’s it finally. I stole it. Sue me “.

The success of this single was resounding, the song with a certain romantic or more melancholic tone stole the hearts of British pop fans.

According to the testimonies in the series it is said that “Wonderwall” was played in stores every 15 minutes and that practically the song it became an anthem of England.

Much was speculated that the song was dedicated to the ex-partner of Noel Gallagher, however he himself clarified that it was an invention of the press. On the other hand he argues that is a song dedicated to “An imaginary friend who will one day come and save him from himself” Noel said.

Wonderwall it has several translations; it literally means “Wall of wonders”. This would be meaningless according to the chorus stanza. In other translations they adapt it to “you are my protector”, perhaps giving a more metaphorical meaning to the title of the acclaimed song.

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