“My parents told me that one of my great-great-grandparents during the Civil War decided to free his slaves”

Anjelica Huston (Santa Monica, California, 1951) was caught by the pandemic on her farm in California’s Sequoia National Park. Surrounded by horses, dogs, cats, ducks and goats, she has put all her efforts into her garden, which she has turned into her private garden. Tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pumpkins … that she herself has planted, seen growing and savored at the table. “I have learned to appreciate more everything I have, and it is very satisfying to be able to enjoy my work in the field”, says the winner of an Oscar for best supporting actress on the other end of the line. He has also learned several lessons from this situation. “We are facing a very critical and painful stage for many people who will show us the best and worst of all. It will depend on what comes out of each one. For the moment, he sticks with the good stuff. “If you look at the work that sanitarians have done in all countries, there have been incredible displays of nobility and compassion.” And with a lesson. Sometimes it takes a crisis to learn. It has taught us that we are not in command of the world, there is something bigger than ourselves out there.

Knowing how entertaining she has been during confinement makes it easy to identify with her. WhatsApp memes and groups have also been part of their day to day. «I have a group of friends on my cell phone who have been very good for me during these months. In it we talked, we sent each other images, videos, information … Sometimes to amuse ourselves, others to inform ourselves. We have laughed and we have cried together through this channel. This is the positive side of a technology that has kept her in contact with her family and that has allowed, for example, to carry out this interview overcoming the obstacle of the 9,000 kilometers that separate her home from Madrid. The actress is critical of the dark side of social networks. “Ultimately it depends on how you use it, but I think they can be dangerous, especially some late-night tweets.” He does not give further references about what messages or people he has in mind when he makes this reflection.

De Michele thinks that he is a man of integrity with very good taste. Photo: FLORIA SIGISMONDI.

The actress needs no introduction. Reading about the country life to which the virus has led him, no one would imagine that it is the same woman who has behind her 50 years of career, dozens of films and a score of nominations for the most important film awards in the world , like the Oscars (three), the Golden Globes (eight) or the BAFTAs (two). Her gentle and slow voice on the phone does not match the false image of a great movie diva, belonging to one of the most important seventh art clans in the United States. His grandfather was Canadian actor Walter Huston (The Virginian, The Treasure of Sierra Madre) and his father director John Huston (The Maltese Falcon, The Honor of the Prizzi, in which he directed his daughter and earned him the golden statuette). For some years, he lived oblivious to the stellar fame of his parents. “I knew what he was doing because we saw his work on a projector that we had at home, but at that time we lived in Ireland and did not know the reputation he had,” he confesses. He felt the bug of interpretation thanks to the parties that were celebrated in his home. “I wanted to look like those actresses who paraded through my parents’ meetings. I remember that I was especially impressed by Deborah Kerr, my brother and I were dazzled by her closeness and her beauty. He also valued ballet, the profession of his mother, the dancer Enrica Soma.

Five decades after her first attempts at cinema, which were met with bad reviews, coupled with the drama of losing her mother in an accident, Anjelica has been caught in dozens of unrepeatable roles. She has been the bad girl of the mafia for her father, the Grand Witch of The witches or Morticia Addams in both movies of The Addams family. When mentioning the matriarch of the dark family, in fact, it cannot be avoided that the image of the actress appears in mind, one of her most iconic roles. “He is not a comfortable character to play, but I adore the result and his contradictory personality, between the gloomy and the affectionate”. I wouldn’t know which characters to stick with, but it highlights two more. “Some pose greater challenges than others, but I think I would stick with Scammers and with The witches, a great feature film to share with the whole family, children included.

To his family, he tells us, he owes not only his professional career: he also owes his strong commitment to social causes. “My parents were especially concerned about justice and equality. In fact, a precious story that they told me about one of my great-great-grandparents, who during the Civil War decided to free his slaves, was very important to me ». On Twitter, where he does not lavish much, he shares only messages supporting different causes in which he believes: join forces with PETA in favor of animals or donate to associations to help the homeless and encourage his followers to follow his example. Should celebrities leverage their influence and commit? “I like to get involved, but it cannot be imposed on anyone, it will depend on the convictions of each one.”

Anjelica Huston

Gucci Bloom EDP (126 €) y Gucci Bloom Perfume of Flowers (126 €), ambos de GUCCI. Photo: Plató S Moda

In today’s young people, famous or not, he does appreciate this commitment, which gives him a lot of hope for the future. This interview took place in mid-June, when riots in several cities in the United States over the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police reached its peak. “How nice to see so many adolescents who, in moments as difficult as these, bravely take to the streets to fight for what they want, what they want.” In the absence of children (“I wanted to have them, but couldn’t”), she is very proud of her nephews.

Regarding the inequalities that are reported in the film industry, he believes that the time has come for everyone to have opportunities, but he wonders if it is necessary to impose rules that determine which professionals can play which characters. She participated in Transparent, starring a man in the role of a transsexual woman. “I can’t say if only transgender people can take trans roles. The performance is precisely about imagination, discovery, getting closer to the essence. What is needed is that everyone can access the different characters that come out.

On previous occasions he has spoken out on cases of harassment in his sector, and his thinking has not changed. «I would not say that I have suffered it. On the other hand, I think that people need to learn to take better care of themselves, it is very easy to turn to a lawyer later, but at the time they should have objected: ‘Don’t do this, I don’t like it and I don’t want it.’ Sometimes certain behaviors can be misinterpreted.

Now, with Hollywood at half gas due to the health situation, she returns to the media spotlight as one of the ambassadors of the Gucci Bloom family of fragrances from the Italian fashion house. His love affair with the firm goes back a long way. «My first bag was from Gucci, I remember it was very happy to receive it. Now I feel the same emotions as then. Just as in its time the bag accompanied him everywhere, now the new perfume, Profumo di Fiori, does. “I only use this one, and that is saying a lot, because I had been faithful to another for 30 years.” The reason: that she identifies with its aroma. «For me it smells of the sixties, it is loaded with romance. It is important to feel identified with its smell, because you are going to wear it all day and you must recognize yourself in it ». Asked about the criticisms of the cosmetic industry of ageism, she does not believe that they are still valid. His appointment with 69 years as the face of perfume coincide.

Anjelica recognizes in the distance that she feels full. The first sentence that Morticia Addams utters answers the question of whether she is unhappy. “Yes absolutely”. Is Anjelica Huston, for her part, completely happy? He does not hesitate for a second. “Yes I am. I have gone through very dramatic moments and suffered a lot, but I am very happy, and I am every day. I wake up every day full of happiness and curiosity to see what awaits me out there and what I can contribute ».

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“My parents told me that one of my great-great-grandparents during the Civil War decided to free his slaves”