Nathalie Emmanuel says her nudes in ‘Game of Thrones’ have hurt her career

Game of Thrones It has been one of the series with the greatest impact worldwide in recent years and the springboard to the success of many of its protagonists, such as Emilia Clarke, who gave life to Daenerys Targaryen, Kit Harington under the skin of Jon Snow or Maisie Williams , who played the little girl of the Stark clan. But not all the cast of the popular series have managed to make this work positively influence the future of their artistic careers or, at least, in the way they wanted. That is the case of Nathalie Emmanuel, Missandei in HBO fiction, who has ensured that her scenes from Game of Thrones in which she appeared without clothes have conditioned her future as an actress.

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In an interview at the podcast Make it reign, Nathalie Emmanuel has revealed the less pleasant consequences that her role as Khalessi’s faithful advisor has had on her career: “When I did Game of Thrones, I accepted certain nude or nudity scenes within the series and the perception of other projects, when the role required nudity, was that she was open to doing anything because she had already done it in the series“Explained the interpreter, complaining that he has been pigeonholed into that role.” There are people who even challenge me and say: ‘But this role requires that’. And I answer them: ‘I think it’s good that you require it, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that level of nudity.’ I can do what I think is necessary for the role “, the interpreter has related about what has happened to her in order to start new film projects.

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The British actress has ensured that. to this day, she is no longer willing to give in unless it is a nudity scene vital to the course of the plot and has explained that, in most cases when she refuses, the producers will try to reach some kind of deal with her before she quit the project. Although he has stressed that he has to “fight” for it.

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This is not the first headache that certain scenes from Game of Thrones They cause Nathalie Emmanuel a problem because of showing off her body. The interpreter has said that when she was in the middle of filming the series, she heard part of the team talking about their “little amount of clothes” and, at that time, It was Emilia Clarke herself, with whom she shares a great friendship, who came to her defense: “She immediately supported me, handled it. When I joined the cast, she had already been shooting for a while and was definitely ready to have some feminine energy around her (…) If you’re the only woman on a male-dominated set, it ties you together in a certain way.“, explained the interpreter, who is now immersed in her next project in the saga Fast and Furious.

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Nathalie Emmanuel says her nudes in ‘Game of Thrones’ have hurt her career