New Orleans – New York Knicks 117: 123, Satoranský scored for the first time in the NBA season, it was not enough to win

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Vít Krejčí did not replace Oklahoma again, whom the club made available to the Oklahoma City Blue reserve team playing in the lower G-League. It will start on November 5, and with the Czech basketball player, who intervened in the game for the first team only in the first two matches, three other players headed there. The Thunder lost in the Golden State Hall 82: 103 and with a balance of 1-6 are in the table just before New Orleans.

This time, Satoransky played over 16 minutes, more than double what he had in the previous two starts for the Pelicans. He hit in a single attempt from behind the arc, did not change the other two two-point shots and scored one foul and loss. His team played weakened by the medically ill Zion Williamson or Brandon Ingram. The leader was Jonas Valančiunas with 27 points and 14 rebounds.

“We take something from every match. I still feel in my heart that we are getting better and everything will turn for the better. We are fighting for that to happen,” said New Orleans coach Willie Green.

The Knicks turned 19 out of 33 triple attempts against the Pelicans. RJ Barrett shone in particular, scoring 35 points, including six threes, followed by 19 points by Evan Fournier and Kemba Walker, who scored five or four times from behind the arc, respectively. “It was incredible fun. It’s nice to have a life match behind us, but of course I’m especially glad that we won, especially after the Pelicans pushed us in the end,” Barrett praised.

The Oklahoma team in San Francisco was not enough for the Warriors. The winner was traditionally drawn by Stephen Curry with 20 points, including six threes, with the home team already leading by 24 points after three quarters, and none of them played more than 31 minutes. The Thunder paid for the lousy shooting of threes, as they hit only eight of the 39.

No team was defeated in the NBA, as Utah suffered its first loss. He lost 99: 107 in Chicago. Of the seventeen-point deficit, Jazz managed to approach five points in the last part, but they no longer had the strength to do so. With 32 points drawn by the winner DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine added 26 points.

“We played for each other. We’re hard on each other when it doesn’t work out, and even when we’re up against teams like Utah, we’re trying to show off the best of us,” DeRozan revealed Bulls’ recipe for success.

Jazz, the best team of the Western Conference last season, relied on Donovan Mitchell with 30 points, seven rebounds and six passes, 17 points and 19 rebounds added by Rudy Gobert.

The drama took place in Washington, where the home team decided to win 115: 112 over Boston only in the second overtime. The Celtics had the opportunity to decide both in the basic playing time and in the first setting, but Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum did not change the shots. Wizards pulled Bradley Beal with 36 points, six rebounds and seven assists. Brown scored 34 and Tatum 27 points, but both missed either of the ten threes and the guests changed only two of 26 overall.

NBA Results:
Chicago – Utah 107:99
Detroit – Orlando 110:103
Golden State – Oklahoma City 103:82
Indiana – Toronto 94:97
Memphis – Miami 103:129
Milwaukee – San Antonio 93:102
Minnesota – Denver 91:93
New Orleans – New York 117: 123 (for home Satoransky 3 body)
Philadelphia – Atlanta 122:94
Phoenix – Cleveland 101:92
Washington – Boston 115: 112 after 2nd round.

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New Orleans – New York Knicks 117: 123, Satoranský scored for the first time in the NBA season, it was not enough to win

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